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Andrew Collins Net Worth: Andrew Collins boasts of a net worth of $47.3 million. Andrew Collins is an Irish businessman and entrepreneur who is married to Luisa Zissman. He is a millionaire businessman and Ireland’s 231st richest man. Luisa, his beloved wife, is a businesswoman and reality show star. The millionaire guy proposed to her in Paris in 2014. Luisa posted her photos on social media.

Andrew was born in Dublin Ireland to a Christian family. He is of Irish descent as both of his parents are Irish. This man has always been different from everyone in his way of thinking. His father is a successful entrepreneur, which inspired him to start his own business. His mother works as a hairdresser.

Summary of Andrew Collins Net Worth and Profile

NameAndrew Collins
Andrew Collins Net Worth$47.3 million
Age[get_age day=3 month=2 year=1970] old
Height5 ft 11 inch
Weight171 lbs
Marital StatusMarried
WifeLuisa Zissman
Children2 daughters
Andrew Collins Net Worth

Andrew Collins Net Worth [year]


Andrew Collins is an Irish businessman and entrepreneur who is the country’s 231st richest man. He has a net worth of more than $47.3 million.

The businessman amassed this fortune by selling numerous projects to successful corporations.

Andrew Collins Career and Business Life

Andrew Collins stated in an interview that his father inspired him to become an entrepreneur. He learns from his father that it is very important to “take a risk and create equity.” This sentence is always on Andrew Collins’ mind.

He began his career at the cosmetics company Revlon. He began working for this company as a cost accountant. Andrew Collins is now the 231st richest man in Ireland. At the time, Andrew Collins had established himself as a major figure in the Irish industry.


In his business journey, he has created many well-known websites, like 123.ie and Needahotel.com. These sites were sold for more than 110 million USD dollars.

PPP is his most well-known work (PrePayPower). PPP is a service that allows you to pay for electricity as you use it, much like a mobile phone. This service assisted people in reducing their large bills.

He is the one who must develop such services and then sell them for millions of dollars. The guy is blessed with both luck and opportunities. He currently owns approximately 33% of the PPP. His net worth is estimated to be $47.3 million.


Andrew Collins is not the bookie type. He has always had this strong flair for business since his childhood. He attended school in Dublin Local High School. Collin studied commerce and did charter accountancy for his higher education.


He didn’t bother to further his education afterward. His first job was as a cost accountant at Revlon. Today he is one of the most successful businessmen on the planet.

Personal Life

The Irishman married Luisa Zissman. He proposed to her in a very romantic way in Paris. Luisa posted the images on Twitter on October 11, 2014, around 12:16 PM. He married her in 2015.

While proposing to Luisa Zissman, her husband gave her an Ashoka-Cut ring. The ring is estimated to cost around 1.7 million USD. The man appears to be a romantic type. Andrew is 17 years her senior.

They have two children as a result of their marriage. It’s worth noting that Andrew’s wife is a divorcee who finalized her divorce in June 2014. But now they’re both happy (Collins and Luisa).

Andrew Collins Age

Andrew Collins is [get_age day=3 month=2 year=1970] old. He was born in 1970.

Andrew Collins Body Measurement

Andrew is a native of Ireland. He is a serious businessman with a typical Irish appearance. He stands approximately 5 ft 11 inches tall and weighs roughly 171 lbs. The entrepreneur has golden hair and no facial beard or mustache.

He has consistently appeared in public wearing a business suit, giving the impression that he is a serious entrepreneur. He looks great with Luisa, and the two lovers seem to be made for each other.

Social Media

Many people are constantly searching for Andrew Collins’ social media profile. Andrew is a reclusive person who does not use social media. Nonetheless, I have provided here, links to Andrew Collins’ social media profiles for you.

Quick Facts About Andrew Collins

  • Collins is 17 years his wife’s senior.
  • Mr. Collins began his entrepreneurial journey with Sarah Newman, an English businesswoman.
  • He has created and sold three businesses to date.
  • He has contributed significantly to humanitarian activities.
  • Andrew is a shy person who rarely appears in interviews.
  • Luisa, his wife, is a reality show star.
  • He believes that while a good idea is essential, good execution is crucial.


Where did Andrew Collins get his money?
Collins, who started his career as an accountant for Revlon, made €47 million by selling stakes in online businesses like Needahotel, which was founded by former Irish Dragons’ Den investor Sarah Newman, and the 123.ie online insurance broker, which was founded by Wasps rugby club owner Derek Richardson
Who is Luisa Zissman’s ex-husband?
Luisa Zissman married Oliver Zissman for the first time in 2009. However, things did not go well for the couple, and they divorced in 2014. She had a daughter named Dixie for her then-husband, Oliver Zissman

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