Kim Marie Kessler Net Worth, Husband, with Quick Facts

Kimberly Marie Kessler is most known to the general public as the wife of WWE Superstar Randy Orton. She is an American socialite living her best life in exotic vacation spots including Thailand, the Bahamas, and Tahiti.

Early Life

Kim Marie Kessler was born on 1st April 1980 in New York. She rose to fame in the wrestling industry quickly after rumours of her dating Orton appeared. Randy Orton’s marriage disintegrated earlier in 2012, making Kim a media topic.

Bio Data

NameKim Marie Kessler
Birthday1st April 1980.
Age[get_age month=4 day=1 year=1980] old.
Place of Birth New York City, United States of America
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandRandy Orton
Height5 feet and 7 inches 
Weight121lbs equivalent to 55kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, Entrepreneur

Kim Marie Kessler Net Worth [year]

Kim Marie Kessler’s current net worth is less than $100,000, although her husband Randy’s net worth is more than $11 million.

Kim Marie Kessler the Business Woman

Kim Marie Kessler is a well-known businesswoman and socialite who gained notoriety primarily due to her marriage to American wrestler Randy Orton. Speaking about her entrepreneurial side, she has her own clothing line from which she derives her daily income. There is currently no information regarding the career she chose after getting married to the wrestler.

Before being married, she was just a regular person. She became so well-known thanks to her marriage to Randy. She has utilised this chance really well in her life. She gradually rose to prominence on social media.

She is also a fierce advocate for the LGBTQ community and always works to promote their rights. Brooklyn Rose Orton, the couple’s daughter, was a gift throughout their marriage. She was conceived on November 22, 2016.

Kim Marie Kessler and Randy Orton

Kim Marie Kessler rose to prominence after she began dating famed WWE wrestler Randy Orton in 2012, during his divorce proceedings from his previous wife Samantha Speno. It made headlines after Orton’s six-year marriage to Speno ended in early 2012, with Speno filing for divorce alleging an “irreparably damaged marriage.” Although the divorce was finalised in June 2013, Kessler has been dating him since March 2012.

They never sought to hide their romance from the media and frequently appeared at public events together. While the media has extensively chronicled the progression of their romance and subsequent marriage, she has also continued to provide regular updates about her personal life since joining Twitter in 2014. Her pursuit to become the WWE star’s wife has been highlighted on various news channels, gaining her celebrity status in the process.

Kim recalled first meeting Randy Orton on an episode of Table for Three. They met at a live show in Kim’s hometown in New York. Randy and Kim met after the show and started dating. Kim was hesitant to inform her family about her relationship with Randy. She constantly linked Randy to Sandy Norton before they revealed their relationship. He married Kim on November 14, 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Orton is one of the few WWE stars that married outside of the company.

Kim Marie Kessler was accused of being a ‘gold digger’ on social media when her relationship with Randy Orton was disclosed. She also sparked outrage by allegedly deleting numerous of his fan mail tweets. She was pursued and bullied by a fan named Kayla Gomez, who she and her then-boyfriend Orton called out on social media as ‘Ms. Piggy.’

Gomez had also pursued Randy Orton before he realised who she was, taking a picture of him outside of a gym in Texas and subsequently posting it online. Soon after, he tweeted the identical photo to Kim Marie Kessler, telling her she should have been there to meet “the Latino Ms Piggy.” Kim commented on the post, “Your (sic) not the only one who can play games.” Addressing the situation after the SmackDown taping in Laredo, Texas, he stated that he had blocked Gomez for stalking and harassing Kessler, but she continued to stalk him for photos. He also told her she needed to acquire a life or troll someone else.

Who is Randy Orton’s wife?

Kim Marie Kessler is Randy Orton’s wife. As a child and teenager, Kim Orton had modelling potential. With her spouse, she later started her own business, Slthr. Currently, she is the owner of Slthr, a brand of apparel based on Randy Orton’s WWE persona.

They have five children in total, with Randy having two daughters and Kim having three sons and one daughter with Orton.

Kim Marie Kessler ex-Husband

Kim Marie Kessler’s marriage to Randy Orton has made her famous, but this is not her first union. Kim had a previous marriage when she was married to her first husband with a man whose identity is unknown. Over the course of their lengthy marriage, they welcomed three sons: Michael, Robbie, and Anthony. Kim Marie Kessler’s marriage ended in divorce, and she was granted custody of the children.


Kim Marie Kessler who was born on 1st April 1980 is [get_age month=4 day=1 year=1980] old.

7 Kim Marie Kessler Quick Facts

However, other than the life she puts out across, there is very little information known about her. That being stated, here are seven fascinating facts about Randy Orton’s wife that you should be aware of.

  1. She didn’t tell her pals about her relationship with Randy.
  2. Kim Marie Kessler is Randy’s second wife
  3. Kim Marie Kessler, like Randy, is a divorcee with five children.
  4. Kim and Randy Orton both have matching tattoos.
  5. Kim Marrie Kessler adores dogs.
  6. Kim Marie Kessler once harassed one of Randy’s fans on social media.
  7. Kim Marie Kessler uses social media frequently.


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