Aaron Krause Net Worth: How Rich Is The Scrub Daddy Boss?

Aaron Krause Net Worth: Aaron Krause is a well-known American businessman known for his product Scrub Daddy. Aaron Krause has a net worth of $70 million. He is the founder and CEO of Scrub Daddy, and he refers to himself as the “Daddy” of his company.

Aaron Krause Net Worth and Profile Summary

NameAaron Krause
Date of BirthFebruary 1, 1969
Age[get_age month=2 day=1 year=1969] old
Aaron Krause Net Worth$70Million
Marital StatusMarried
WifeStephanie Krause
Aaron Krause Net Worth

Early Life of Aaron Krause

Aaron Krause was born in the United States on February 1, 1969. He was always interested in exploring and investing in things when he was younger. His father was a cardiac surgeon, while his mother was a pediatrician, and he grew up in Wynnewood, еnnуlvаnа. He is a born inventor and began inventing at the young age of 8 and later attended Syracuse University to study psychology.

His first business was Dedication to Detail, a car washing business he started after graduating which he owned for 16 years before selling it in 2008.

It was at this his car was business that he first became familiar with the makeup of different cleaning agents. He created his own invention because he wasn’t happy with the buffing pads that were available at the time.

His buffing pads received a patent, and this led to a change in his business strategy. In addition, Krause built the tools for manufacturing his new invention, and shortly after, he sold the car wash company.

Aaron Krause founded the cleaning tool business Scrub Daddy, which is considered to be one of the most successful ventures to appear on Shark Tank. The multipurpose polymer sponge with a smiley face is its best-selling item. Scrub Daddy is expected to earn over $100 million this year and has a net worth of $150 million as of 2022.

Aaron Krause Net Worth [year]

Aaron Krause has a net worth of $70 million. Lori Greiner, his Shark Tank investor, is responsible for this. Not only is his net worth attributed to his company, but so is his celebrity status.

Lori’s investment and product launch on QVC helped Scrub Daddy become a huge success. Scrub Daddy products were later sold in stores such as Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Aaron Krause Career Adventure

The Birth of  Scrub Daddy

The aspiring businessman created his own cleaning supplies for his production equipment. He obtained a custom foam from Germany. To make it easier for him to hold, he cut it into a two-holed, ridged circle. The sponge with a smiley face was created in this way.

The largest manufacturing company in the world, 3M, bought Krause’s buffing pad business in 2008. The sale did not, however, include his infamous sponge.

He found out three years later that his sponge could become harder in cold water and softer in hot water. Scrub Daddy was formally introduced in 2012, and Aaron showcased it on the home shopping channel QVC.

Shark Tank Reborn

Krause’s time with QVC was very successful because he frequently had all of his units sold out. But he was aware that his startup wasn’t operating to its full potential. He decided that it would be shrewd to enlist a strategic partner to expand into retail after watching Shark Tank with his wife. He had visited no more than five supermarkets at the time of the pitch.

He showed up in season four, asking for $100,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in his business. The Sharks were captivated by Aaron’s presentation because of his high energy level. Aaron quickly declined Kevin O’Leary’s $100,000 offer for 50% after he started the bidding war.

Daymond John wanted to work out a deal with Lori Greiner, the reigning QVC queen. However, since she didn’t need Daymond, Lori preferred to travel alone. In the end, Lori proposed $200,000 for 20%, which Aaron Krause gladly accepted.

After Shark Tank

Krause sold 42,000 sponges in less than seven minutes the day after his Shark Tank episode aired. Additionally, Lori Greiner assisted the cleaning tool company in gaining access to all of the major retail outlets in the United States.

Since Lori Greiner, his investor, introduced the product to QVC, he was able to achieve success thanks to her support. The “Queen of QVC,” Lori, assisted in expanding his product and selling it on QVC before also selling it to Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Scrub Daddy generated more than $100 million in revenue in January 2017, and by October 2019, its lifetime sales had reached $209 million. In 2021, revenue increased by 80% year over year, and in 2022, the company generated sales of more than $100 million. By year’s end, lifetime sales should exceed $300 million according to this forecast.

Presently, they offer more than 20 items for sale. He also increased production by enlarging the manufacturing facility to 80,000 square feet in order to keep up with demand. Utilizing viral marketing, Aaron and his team currently promote their products on TikTok.

More than 20 nations have contacted Scrub Daddy, according to a statement from Кrauѕе, and they plan to target stores all over the nation. expanding into chain pharmacies, retail stores, and supermarkets.

The product itself, Scrub Daddy, is a typical disposable product. The texture and feel of this unique sponge change depending on the water’s temperature. This surprisingly affects how it removes stubborn traces. In both warm and cold water, the spoon hardens, and in both, it softens.

Scrub Daddy’s unique selling point as a cleaning product is its capacity to clean while being scratch-free, odor-resistant, and dishwasher-safe.

Today, Scrub Daddy is regarded as America’s third-largest sponge supplier. With this, Scrub Daddy’s estimated worth is $150 million, and Aaron Krause’s personal net worth is $70 million.

In an interview with Tech Times, Aaron remarked, “They say invention is the mother of necessity… If I need something, I create a solution,”. He offers sales and pitch coaching (speaking) at numerous business conferences and summits,


He attended Syracuse University, where he graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Personal Life

Aaron Krause married Stephanie in 2010. Stephanie Krause oversees his company’s communications division.

Although Krause has kept his relationship a secret, it is well-known that the couple dated for a considerable amount of time before getting married.

Aaron Krause and Stephanie are blessed with two kids. Bryce Krause, a son, and Sophie Krause, a daughter, are twins.

Despite being a multimillionaire, he makes his kids perform chores like feeding the cat and washing the cars in order to “pay rent.” As his parents forced him to work hard when he was younger, he wants to instill in his children the value of hard work.

After Aaron turned ten, his father gradually increased his financial responsibility. He would have to start paying for a new necessity for himself every year. The subject would change each year, starting with underwear and moving on to shoes, etc.

He would perform household duties to “pay” for these things. Aaron attributes the development of his business acumen to this tactic. He also thinks that children should learn the value of money at a young age.


Aaron Krause is [get_age month=2 day=1 year=1969] old. He was born on the 1st of February 1969.


How much money does Aaron Krause make?
The Krause family is worth $70 million.  The CEO of Scrub Daddy has made millions of dollars from his cleaning product business; he has sold more than 25 million of his ground-breaking smiley-faced cleaning sponges.
How much money did Lori make on Scrub Daddy?
Lori Greiner made a $200,000 investment in Scrub Daddy when the creators of the co-product appeared on Shark Tank. She received a 20% stake for that. She owns 20% of the business, which has made at least $20 million. Scrub Daddy remains one of the most popular Shark Tank products to this day.
Did Shark Tank invest in Scrub Daddy?
In season 4, Lori Greiner invested in Scrub Daddy, which went on to become one of the show’s most notable success tales. More than $200 million in sales have reportedly been generated by the inventive sponge design since 2012. Additionally, it makes cleaning feel so much better.

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