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Marc Tarpenning Net Worth: Marc Tarpenning’s net worth is $1.5 billion. Marc Tarpenning was born in Sacramento, California on June 1, 1964. In 1985, he began studying computer science and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. He began his work in Saudi Arabia with Textron, a global firm, shortly after obtaining his degree.

Textron is a $12 billion multinational corporation with a global network of companies in power sectors and innovative aviation, defense, and industrial technologies. Tarpenning was an engineer at the company for a few years.


Aside from Textron, Marc worked on software and firmware development for other global tech behemoths like Seagate Technology and Bechtel Corporation.

Marc Tarpenning Net Worth [year]

Marc Tarpenning’s net worth is $1.5 billion. He is an entrepreneur, co-founder of Tesla, and an American engineer. Previously, he co-founded NuvoMedia with Martin Eberhard, which was sold for $187 million in 2003.

Despite being incredibly affluent, Marc Tarpenning’s net worth has kept him off the Forbes list of the world’s richest people, as well as the Bloomberg and Forbes billionaires lists.

Personal Life

He has a happy marriage. He is married to Carolyn Eberhard, and the couple has donated to the University of Illinois every year since 1984.

Full NameMarc Tarpenning
Relationship StatusMarried
Net Worth:$1.5 Billion
Date of Birth:June 1, 1964
Zodiac SignGemini
Age[get_age month=6 day=1 year=1964] old
Nationality:United States of America
Marc Tarpenning


Marc Tarpenning received his bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1985.


Career / Business

Meeting Martin Eberhard

Marc Tarpenning met one of his good friends, Greg Renda, while still stationed in Saudi Arabia and working for Textron. He could fly home and visit his family in California on one of the rare occasions. Renda was working as an expert at Wyse Technology, a software and technology services company owned by Dell at the time.

Greg invited Marc to his office to seek his advice on the terminals that Wyse was developing at the time. Marc would meet Martin Eberhard during that fateful visit.

Renda wished to consult Marc Tarpenning with Martin Eberhard, who was in charge of the project. Perhaps what they say about birds of the same feathers is true since the two instantly clicked. They developed a collaboration based on a friendship that is still going strong today.


Long chats about economics, nature, the government, and everything else that a pair of techy nerds enjoy discussing dominated their early days of acquaintance. And when it got to the stage where they wanted to do business together, the duo’s views veered toward the expanding hype of mobile devices, notably battery efficiency.


Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard launched NuvoMedia Inc. in 1997. The company’s mission was to create electronic books that would allow publishers, merchants, and end users to securely publish, distribute, purchase, and read electronic content over the internet.

Rocket e-book was born in 1998 through NuvoMedia, the hand-held e-reader. The device’s surface had a 5 by 7.5 inch LCD screen that worked smoothly with a 4 MB flash memory and 2 MB of DRAM. It may not sound like much today, but it was a rather common device back then.

Rocket e-books have a battery life of 17 to 33 hours and can hold up to ten volumes or 4,000 pages of graphics and text—equal to ten novels.

Eberhard was CEO for three years, and Marc Tarpenning was in charge of development. NuvoMedia was then sold to Gemstar-TV Guide International for $187 million in 2003.

Founding Fathers of Tesla Inc.

Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard returned to brainstorming after making a significant profit on their previous endeavour. Their success with NuvoMedia was no small feat, but the couple intended their next venture to be more mission-driven and more relevant to the changing industry.

Martin Eberhard’s passion for sports automobiles inspired the creation of Tesla Inc. During a CNBC interview in 2021, the two joked that Martin’s decision was also influenced by his recent divorce.

“What happens when you divorce?” You purchase a sports automobile.” According to the American engineer and entrepreneur.

Fuel efficiency was a crucial consideration in their planning. Apart from the ongoing battles in the Middle East, which continued to drive up the price of oil, global warming and climate change were becoming more important topics at the time. The use of fossil fuels is a major contributor to climate change.

EV1 Mass Recall Led to the Birth of Tesla

Eberhard opted to obtain an electric automobile instead of buying a very costly car that would eventually cost him a fortune to fuel and maintain.

But, by chance, General Motors pulled out the model he desired, the EV1.

According to the press, the popular silver coupe type was obliterated. All EV1s manufactured by General Motors were recalled and destroyed immediately. GM CEO Rick Wagoner made the choice to say that the vehicle wasn’t selling well enough.

Their ideas eventually coalesced, and they decided to form their own firm to manufacture electric sports vehicles. But there was one problem: they had no idea how to construct one.

AC Propulsion

During their study, Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard came upon AC Propulsion, a small motor firm in Southern California. They were able to create three sleek-looking electric cars that could only be characterized as vastly improved go-carts.

Eberhard made an investment in AC Propulsion just in time to keep them from going bankrupt. He hired the business to construct a battery-powered automobile. The result was the “TZero,” a short-range and severely constrained sports automobile powered by lead acid.

Based on their experience as IT professionals, the pair proposed replacing the battery after making their assessment. They recommended lithium-ion batteries as a more reliable power source.

Tesla Incorporated

By swapping the battery, they were able to overcome the TZero’s various constraints. Tarpenning and Eberhard then formed a partnership with Lotus, an English automobile manufacturer. They designed the real car around a complex of computers, motors, and power sources.

The couple completed all of the preliminary research to create a plausible presentation for possible funders and partners. Tesla, the firm formed by Marc and Martin, was incorporated in July 2003.

Elon Musk Joins the Company

Regardless of their feelings about the world’s richest man, Tesla’s founders acknowledged that Elon saw the company’s potential early on. He asked a number of reasonable questions, expressed a few of his own thoughts, and then assured Tarpenning and Eberhard that he was on board.

Elon Musk invested $6.35 million of his own money to begin Tesla’s Series A financing in April of 2004. It also secured Musk a seat on the company’s board of directors.

In 2006, Tesla unveiled the Roadster, the company’s first prototype. It piqued the world’s curiosity since it was a truly electric and incredibly attractive sports car, as opposed to the little, drab-looking, battery-powered automobiles that had been sitting on the Marcet for years.

People competed to be on the exclusive list for the first batch of cars as the co-creators gained global renown. All the excitement about Tesla, but no mention of the prominent Elon Musk, which irritated the SpaceX founder.

Marc Ousted from Tesla

Tesla Inc has had four CEOs from its inception to the current form of Tesla Motors. Martin Eberhard from 2003 to 2007, Michael Marcs as an interim in 2007, Ze’ev Drori from 2007 to 2008, and eventually Elon Musk from 2008 onwards.

Eberhard was fired without explanation in 2007. He was ousted as Chairman of the Board and reassigned to the position of President of Technology. In 2008, he formally resigned from the company.

Marc Tarpenning served as Chief Financial Officer from the start and was eventually promoted to Vice President of Electrical Engineering. Tarpenning quit in 2008, just as Tesla was about to launch its flagship model, the Model S sedan.

Tesla was inspired by three factors: Eberhard’s passion for sports cars, a pair of engineers’ desire to make a significant influence on the world, and an excellent ambition from a “tree-hugging-duo” to discover a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to power vehicles.

But, if Musk had rejected their initial offer, would Tesla be as successful today? The most likely answer is yes, but Tarpenning and Eberhard would have taken longer to reach Tesla’s current position. Tesla needs Elon Musk’s money and power to take off officially in 2004.

Regardless of the conclusion, Tarpenning is proud of Tesla’s progress. Even more incredible is the fact that one of his autos has reached space and orbited Mars. This happened during one of Elon Musk’s SpaceX experiments in which he used a Tesla Roadster as cargo.

Was Musk correct in assuming that the venture was founded by three persons, including himself? Perhaps. If only the eviction were not so nasty.

Marc Tarpenning Quick Facts

  • He made money after selling NuvoMedia for $187 million.
  • Eberhard led the lawsuit against Elon Musk in 2009. Tarpenning is one of several former workers who have filed lawsuits against the business magnate. Tesla agreed to settle for an unknown figure, but this merely meant that the accusers earned a sizable payment.
  • Tarpenning was a co-founder of Tesla from the outset. His claim likely expanded after he was named Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Electrical Engineering. He sold all of his shares for a good price soon after leaving the company.
  • Tesla filed for an IPO, or initial public offering, in June 2010. The initial share price was $17. However, within 24 hours, the price had risen by 41%, closing at $23.39 on


Marc Tarpenning is [get_age month=6 day=1 year=1964] old. He was born on the 1st of June 1964.


Why Did Marc Tarpenning Leave Tesla?
Tesla, according to Marc Tarpenning, was no longer enjoyable. While he was pleased with the company’s present accomplishments and global success, it was no longer the environment he had envisioned. Tarpenning stepped down in 2008 when the Model S car was still in development.
Does Marc Tarpenning Still Own Stocks with Tesla?
According to Tarpenning, he no longer owns any Tesla stock. He sold his investment years ago and could never have imagined the company being valued at $1 trillion. But here’s how he became one of the country’s wealthiest people despite being neither a businessman nor the heir to a wealthy family.


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