The Money Mail is a true multi-author personal finance blog and we are open to high-quality articles from other bloggers. We have received many requests for guest posts in the last few weeks and we think it is time for us to open up The Money Mail for guest posts.

Why you should write a post for The Money Mail

The Money Mail is devoted to its readers and fellow bloggers. We want to present fresh ideas and viewpoints to readers and also help others get exposure. That’s the only way we know how to grow a blog – by helping others grow. In a short time, we have had success with this approach. Our Alexa and Google ranking has improved, so you will get exposure to our increasing audience.

Guest posts are not for commercial interest. If you are looking to promote a product or service, please get in touch with us using the contact form for a sponsored post or other options for advertisements.

We accept a wide range of topics including:

  • Personal Finance: Investments, Banking, Credit Cards, News, Experiments, Retirement
  • Career, Productivity and Self Important: Career Tips, Interview, Jobs, Increasing productivity and related topics
  • Rewards like Miles, points, cash back, etc.

Just some conditions for guest posts:

  • No affiliate links in the post.
  • You can include a relevant link in the body (but not to a sales page of any sort).
  • The post will be disclosed as a guest post and will be credited to you.
  • We will retain editorial authority over the post.
  • If published, the article will become a property of and cannot be used by you anywhere else.
  • You will promote your article on Twitter and other social media accounts.

We reserve the right to decline the guest post for any reason including commercial nature, inappropriate content; content that does not fit our readers, etc. If you submit a guest post, we retain the rights to make changes as we see fit, including replacing some links in the content with our link (we will generally only do this if we have a better resource to point to or if we see keyword spamming). Recently we have noticed some SEO agencies posing as bloggers to get links for their clients. If we suspect that is the case, and you send us an article misguiding us, we will publish the article without any links.

I look forward to your guest posts. Please get in touch using the contact form.