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Sun King Solar Customer Care Number, Email, Order, Price, Partnerships, Reviews, Apply, App Download


Sep 24, 2023
Sun King Solar Customer Care Number Email Order Price Partnerships Reviews Apply App DownloadSun King Solar Customer Care Number Email Order Price Partnerships Reviews Apply App Download

Sun King Solar Customer Care Number Email Order Price Reviews Apply App Download

For the 1.8 billion people worldwide who lack reliable access to or the financial means to purchase standard electrical grid connections, Sun King designs, distributes, installs, and finances solar energy solutions. Energy consumers in Africa and Asia have a variety of needs. Sun King’s wide range of products enables our consumers to live better lives.

Contact US

Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 0800 786 5464 if you have any questions.

When prompted to utilize your phone to make your payments, dial *322*3052*amount# to pay with an ATM card or by phone.

You may reach the MPesa menu with your phone. Select Lipa na MPesa to utilize. After selecting Paybill, press OK. After entering the Sunking company number, 323458, click OK.

Sun King Solar Bulk Orders and Distribution Partnerships

global. [email protected]

Media Inquiries

[email protected]

Career Inquiries

[email protected]

Customer Support

[email protected]

Sun King Solar Price In Nigeria For Home 600 Watt

The most recent Sun King solar price in Nigeria for a 600-square-foot home is now N56,000 when paid in full.

If you would rather pay in installments, you must put down a minimum of N10,000 and then pay N1,500 each week or N6,000 every 28 days for a total of N12,500 over the course of 12 months.

Be aware that the N56,000 Sun King Solar 600 cannot be used with a TV.

Also take note that if you’re thinking of purchasing a home with a 600-watt TV, you should be prepared to pay N222,500, which includes a down payment of N27,500 and either N3,750 for weekly payments or N15,000 per month for a period of 12 months.

Sun King Solar  Price In Nigeria For 120 Watts

A powerful and active solar system, the Sun King home 120 watts features 4 power light lamps and wall-mountable switches for each of them.

The user of this solar system can use the USB port to charge a smartphone or other USB-compatible electronic devices.

With a battery capacity of 12,000 mAh, the Sun King Home 120 offers a lot of lightning.

The price for the 120 watt Sun King Solar Panel is not yet known for 2023, but a source claims that it would cost between N47,500 and N51,500.

It is advised that you clarify the precise quantity with nearby stores or the company’s office.

Sun King Solar Price In Nigeria For Home 400 Watts

Sun King Solar Price in Nigeria for a 400 watt system for a residence is currently N45,000, not including installation costs.

If you can’t buy it altogether, you can still buy it and pay for it over time, just like in the example above.

In addition to installation fees, Sun King Solar 400 Watts also includes a type that can power TVs. The whole package cost is presently NGN233,000.

How do I contact Sun King in Nigeria?

Country Headquarters
  1. Cameroon. Email Us. P.O. Box 1632, …
  2. China. Email Us. 9 Floor, Block 21, Langrui Building, …
  3. India. +91 22 3386 0000. Email Us. …
  4. Kenya. +254 709 474 474. Email Us. …
  5. Malawi. +265 997 015 618. +265 993 68 78 51. …
  6. Mozambique. +258 842 321072. Email Us. …
  7. Myanmar. +95 979 739 4333. Email Us. …
  8. Nigeria. +234 800 786 54 64. Email Us.

How do you call Sun King?

If you have any questions, send an email to [email protected] or give us a call at 0800 7865464.

What is the code for Sun King recharge?

Pay with an ATM card or by phone by dialing *322*3052*amount#. prompt to use your phone to make your payments.

What is the business number of Sun King?

Use your phone to access the MPesa menu. Decide to use Lipa na MPesa. Select Paybill, then hit OK. Press OK after entering 323458, the Sunking company number.

How does the Sun King Solar System work?

In order to collect sunlight and turn it into power, the Sun King Solar System uses solar panels.

The battery pack or control unit that the solar panels are attached to saves the produced electricity for later usage is either a battery or a control unit.

The system frequently has USB ports, LED lights, and — on rare occasions — radios or phone chargers.

What are the main components of the Sun King Solar System?

Solar panels, a control unit or battery pack, LED lights, USB ports, and charging connections are the main elements of the Sun King Solar System.

Additionally, some versions include built-in radios or phone chargers. The system could include a number of extras, such extension cables or mounting brackets.

How long does it take to charge the Sun King Solar System?

The capacity of the solar panels, the amount of sunshine available, and the battery pack’s level of charge are just a few of the variables that affect how quickly a Sun King Solar System charges.

The system may fully charge in anywhere between a few hours and a day under ideal circumstances.

Who is the owner of Sun King Solar?

Sun King’s founder and CEO, Patrick Walsh, is profiled on Crunchbase.

How do I pay for Sun King solar in Nigeria?

Make payments each week

To pay for uninterrupted solar electricity, you can use your mobile device, a Field Team Agent, or a Sun King store nearby.

Can the Sun King Solar System be used during cloudy or rainy days?

Even on foggy or wet days, the Sun King Solar System can still produce electricity, albeit the charging efficiency will undoubtedly suffer.

Because the system’s performance is dependent on the amount of sunshine, it will generate less electricity in these circumstances.

To ensure reliable operation on cloudy days, I’ll urge you to fully charge the device during hours of good sunlight.

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