Top (12) Online Jobs You Can Make Money From in Nigeria

Top (12) Online Jobs You Can Make Money From in Nigeria

Top (12) Online Jobs You Can Make Money From in Nigeria

Top (12) Online Jobs You Can Make Money From in Nigeria

Are you looking for how online jobs in Nigeria? You are in the right place. In this article, we will cover the top 12 best online jobs you can do in Nigeria. 

Everything you need to know about making money online in Nigeria will be covered in this article.

Before you need to know about the best online jobs in Nigeria, you need to know that making online in Nigeria is not a quick rich scheme; it requires process and learning.

We explain the easily accessible online Jobs you can do to make money, some of the jobs posted here, you can make up to $1000 if you are consistent. 

12 Top List Of Online Jobs you can make money from in Nigeria

We will start in descending order to explain the performing best online jobs in Nigeria.

12. Digital Affiliate Marketer

11. Becoming a Seo Content writing

10. Becoming a Content Creator

9. Become an Online Tutor

8. Becoming a Youtube/VBlogging

7. Become A Freelancer

6. Become a WordPress Developer

5. Graphic Design

4. Blogging

3. Social Media manager

2. Video Editing

1. Virtual Assistant

12. Digital Affiliate Marketer

To understand affiliate marketing, you need to first understand the word “Affiliate” Affiliate is becoming a subordinate to a group of persons or groups. Know what affiliate marketing means. Affiliate marketing is a means by which you advertise a third-party product, and you get to pay some commissions in agreement with your terms and conditions. 

It leads to great sales for your third party, and they pay you for driving traffic to their business. 

Now, do you need a blog or website before you start affiliate marketing? No, and Yes is the answer.

No, you don’t really need a blog and website to start affiliate marketing; you can use your social media handlers to run a successful affiliate for your third party.

You also need a Blog, in the sense that you can convert your website traffic to use it to make sales for your third party. In Nigeria today, we have a lot of companies that are into affiliate marketing that you can make money from.

Companies like Jumia, Konga, Amazon, Bet9ja, and many more. 

11. Seo Content writing

The full meaning of SEO is “Search Engine Optimization.” The first step of becoming an SEO Writer is becoming a Content writer firstly.

You need to plan, strategies, and research to write SEO content; the major objective of it is to Write content that will rank on Search Engines like google, bing, and Yahoo. 

Steps to becoming an SEO Content writer, firstly you need to learn how to write highly rich, optimized content; let me recommend so the site you can learn this from

  1. Udemy 
  2. Linkedin 
  3. Coursera

Go to those sites, and get courses on SEO content writing, and in a few weeks, you will become a certified SEO content writer, then start making online 

10. Becoming a Content Creator

A person who generates content for viewers that is captivating and awe-inspiring is referred to as a content generator. The content that they produce may be instructive, or it may just be entertaining and attention-grabbing enough to attract customers or passers-by who were not previously interested in your brand. 

A good idea has the potential to have a significant and favorable impact on an audience, hence increasing the number of leads generated for your brand and attracting additional customers through the material that is exhibited. It is admirable that these content creators use their ideas to bring about a shift in the purchasing power of a user.

In Nigeria today, we have content creators that are doing amazingly well by creating content.

E.g.  (Oga Sabinus, Josh 2 Funny, Lasisi, Wole Agba, And many more. These guys create content and make a lot of money from it)

9. Become an online tutor

When compared to more conventional methods of instruction, coaching students online is not only more efficient but also more lucrative. It should not come as a surprise that the use and availability of internet services, along with improvements in technological breakthroughs, have combined to make online tutoring incredibly effective and popular.

Online tutoring is becoming increasingly popular among Nigerian parents, who are showing a larger proclivity and preference for it for their children. They cite the following as the primary advantages that result from using online instruction:

Steps in Becoming an online tutor

  1. Take a course on your own through the internet: It is best to take a few online courses, either registered or free, from specialists who can direct you in the appropriate direction. It is beneficial to receive a course from those individuals who are already ahead of you in this field of online tutoring. This will help you understand how to successfully plan your lectures and will give you a head start.
  2. Be professional in your endeavors; do not fall into the trap of letting the word “home” in tutoring make you think of the incredible ease and convenience that you are provided within your own environment at home. There are a good number of home teachers in Lagos who also work as online tutors professionally. Even though they are hidden from view, the tutors always make sure to present themselves in a professional manner. This straightforward step of wearing in a manner that is congruent will establish the tone of your professional setting and raise the level of satisfaction experienced by the client’s guardians.
  3. Register with a website or app that provides online tutoring services. In Nigeria, there are a large number of websites and apps that provide a platform for online tutoring. The only thing you need to do is sign up, and then you’ll be all set to take advantage of the privileges that come with being a tutor who works under the company’s name. The apps themselves are going to be in charge of bringing customers to you. To begin, please provide your credentials, biodata, an appropriate profile photo, and any additional information that may be requested. Apps in Nigeria like Upskills Tutor might be helpful for beginners looking to get started in the field of online tutoring.

8. Becoming a Youtube/VBlogging

Youtubing is another lucrative way of making money online in Nigeria, instant one of the most popular. You just have to be creative and choose a particular niche. “Niche” are categories or majorly various aspects; we have niches like Tech, Comedy, Religion, and Entertainment, the most performing is the “Entertainment.”

The monetization policy of Youtube is to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours on your videos, and you will be accepted into Youtube monetization.

Things required from youtube from you

  1. Make Videos
  2. Make thumbnails
  3. Upload
  4. Share
  5. Be Consistent

7. Becoming A Freelancer

Freelancing is very wide; the wide the product you can deliver determines the amount of money you can make from it online. Most of the online Jobs that are available on freelancer platforms are mostly tech jobs and opportunities. Becoming a Freelancer can also be said to become a problem solver in “TECH.”

Most freelancers make good money on freelancer websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer site, and many more.  Opportunities that are available there are so numerous, with Jobs paying close to $1000 in a few days.

Steps In making money In Freelancing

  1. Sign Up
  2. Create a Profile
  3. Display what you offer on your profile
  4. Be ready to solve problems
  5. Be an expert in what you offer
  6. Be Productive

6. Becoming a WordPress Developer

To become a WordPress developer, you need to have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of WordPress, solid PHP abilities, and a comprehensive knowledge of WordPress products in order to ensure that plugins and themes operate together in an integrated manner.

WordPress developers actually have a working knowledge of programming languages and are able to work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, GIT, and other related technologies. 

You need to learn the following programming languages to be good at it; you can buy a course on them on Coursera and master them. Youth are really making money in Nigeria. With this, you can design, and government website and earn up to 10 million nairas in a month.

5. Graphic Designer

You can earn money from your home by becoming a graphic designer. Employment opportunities in graphic design are in high demand right now, even more so than they were a decade ago. Finding lucrative work as a graphic designer online in Nigeria is not difficult.

Learn to use graphic design platforms like Photoshop, CorelDRAW, and adobe after Effects; these are the top trending platforms you can use to learn graphic design.

If you are skilled at creating designs such as logos and cartoons, you may be able to work from home and earn up to $1000 a month. 

4. Blogging

If you live in Nigeria and want to make money online, a job blogging is without a doubt one of the best options available. Sharing information on a website is the most important aspect of this endeavor. The information could pertain to anything at all.

The field of blogging is one that is expanding at a rapid rate within the economic system. It may be a job that you do from home with a hybrid schedule (one in which you can anticipate when you will work and when you will have time off), but the money keeps coming in. Because everyone seems to follow the trend, there are many blog niches that have not been explored. This is wonderful, but if you want to ensure that you are headed in the right direction toward the most lucrative blogging niches, you need to set yourself apart and become an expert in your field.

You have the option of running your own blog or blogging for another person. There are individuals as well as businesses searching for bloggers to manage their blogs on their behalf. Create content and work to increase user participation in that content. You are able to conduct a search for jobs of that nature on job boards such as Indeed and others.

      Steps to start

  1. Buy a domain name
  2. Choose a niche
  3. Host the blog
  4. Write content
  5. DO your SEO
  6. Monetize it

3. Social Media Manager

One of the most creative online jobs in Nigeria is becoming a social media manager; although this aspect has not been well maximized by Nigerians, there is a lot of money that can be made money through this.

The primary responsibility of a social media manager at an organization is to oversee the management of its various social media networks. This can be accomplished by developing a social media strategy, producing high-quality content, conducting analytics research, improving customer service, and managing advertising campaigns for the organization.

A social media manager is a trained individual who is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the social media presence of an organization, company, politician, or celebrity. The duties of a social media manager include, but are not limited to, increasing the number of followers on clients’ social media accounts, responding to comments and complaints, and updating posts. As a social media manager, your primary responsibility is to manage the social media accounts of your clients as if they had never left, even though they do not have the time to do so.

You need to have excellent communication skills, be proficient in the use of the majority of social media platforms, and earn a degree from an accredited institution in order to work in the field of social media management.

2. Video Editing

In this era of Content creation in Nigeria, there is a lot of money to be earning if you are a Video content creator in Nigeria. The average pay of a Video editor in Nigeria is $50 Dollars; imagine you are making $50 x 30 Days; sum it up, that is big money to be made online.

As a result of the current high demand, working as a video editor can currently be both a creative and lucrative career option. The process of editing segments of motion video production footage, sound recordings, and special effects during the post-production phase using specialized software programs is referred to as video editing. 

1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is fast becoming a fast tech acquire skills in Nigeria. Today as a Nigerian, you can earn up to N100k Per month just by becoming a virtual assistant.

The duties of a virtual assistant can range anywhere from conducting research to providing assistance to customers. One of the most lucrative fields to work in when it comes to working online is that of a virtual assistant in Nigeria.

Be aware that if you want to work as a virtual assistant, businesses will evaluate your ability to communicate effectively in English. If this is something that interests you, go ahead and apply.


There are a variety of work-from-home opportunities available in Nigeria, some of which do not require an initial knowledge of computers. Companies may provide training opportunities and evaluate your performance to ensure that your skills and experiences are a good match for the open positions. Nevertheless, an exceptional ability to manage one’s time continues to be one of the most important requirements for jobs of this nature.

You might also run into problems with the availability of resources, and you’ll need to conduct extensive research in order to identify and avoid opportunities that are either fraudulent or overly optimistic. But in the end, there are wonderful work-from-home jobs that pay exceptionally well, and it all comes down to the fundamental skills you possess. What are other work-from-home jobs available in your experience? I would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts in the comment section below.

It’s highly unlikely that people will stop wanting to work online anytime soon. And in a time when earnings are falling, and normal work policies are changing on a daily basis, the ability to make money online could be exactly what you need to keep your sanity in a time when both of these factors are happening.

These online jobs can give you a level of freedom that the vast majority of traditional workers will never have, whether you want to work part-time to save money or earn a full-time income while working remotely.

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