How to Mix Work And Play At Your Office

How to Mix Work And Play At Your Office

Workplaces make you envision rooms filled with tiny cubicles and employees sitting in from of their chairs, staring at computer screens. Extended work hours are a regular feature of many jobs these days. Strenuous work, strict rules combined with long hours leave employees longing for Friday. With work becoming a routine, don’t you wish work was play and that you wouldn’t dread a Monday? Wouldn’t you like to consider each day a special one at the office? Would you like to get back to your desk after that dream vacation? Employers too wish for satisfied workers who produce to their full potential and do not move to new jobs because they dint enjoy their work anymore.

So how do you mix work and play at the office?

Work and fun should have a balance – for employees life balance at the workplace is essential if your job is monotonous.  Get around to changing your mindset of the stereotyped workplace and adapt a few changes for better productivity and creativity.

Out-of-the-box workplace: It may be ok to take your work seriously but not your workplace. A bit of light-heartedness, and fun is needed at the workplace and this should reflect in the design, layout, and location of the office space. Your workplace could do with a retreat to a rooftop garden where you can sneak for a few minutes of fresh air. Including a music room or an art room at the workplace can give employers a vent to their hidden or creative talents.  A gym or a ping pong table will provide that rush of adrenaline; you get your daily exercise and are energetic enough to be lured back to the table.

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Open spaces for team building: A cordial relationship amongst co-workers and between them and their boss can only be possible if there is fruitful interaction. Large open workspaces can encourage socializing and lead to better communication.

Meaningful workshops:  Every employee could do with some pep talk. Organizations could get in motivational speakers who could encourage positivity in the workplace. Personality development and counseling sessions benefit employers considerably and help them overcome work-related stress.

Group activities: Doing non-work related things as a group has many benefits; it’s a more natural way to collaborate with people. You can get together for lunch or drinks occasionally. If someone from your team is willing to take the initiative, you can have a house party. Small things like buying common things for the group, like a coffee machine can also help team members bond better while having fun. Monotony can be offset by organizing an outdoor trip every once in a while.  A trip to a historical monument, a concert, or an amusement park can do wonders to bring back productivity in the workplace.

Celebrations: Birthdays, festivals, and other occasions are good reasons to celebrate. If you have a small team, celebrating everyone’s birthday may be a feasible idea. If you have a bigger group, you can celebrate occasions like the fifth anniversary of an employee, etc. If your office follows a formal dress code, you could have a periodic casual day at work; this will give employees, something to look forward to.

Organize your work schedule to include your family: Wouldn’t it be ideal if your work allows you to keep your family within a hearing shot? If you are a journalist or a travel writer you can travel with your family especially when your assignment sends you to an exotic locale. On a business trip, your family can accompany you even if the actual time you spend with them is less. Companies should encourage workers to have meaningful quality time spent with their dear ones.

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Do you have any ideas for mixing work and play? How do you make your office space fun?

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