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K-Riz Biography

K-Riz was born in Toronto, Ontario, but has spent a considerable amount of time in Edmonton, Alberta. Born out of the diametrically opposed lifestyles of Canada’s East and West, K-Riz has developed a sound all his own that is steeped in these disparate experiences.

Fresh Air, K-Riz’s official debut album, was released on August 4, 2016. He believes this effort will help to revive the rap genre. Fresh Air is a 14-song hip-hop album featuring elements of 90s R&B that is progressive and futuristic, inspired to bring in a new sound.

K-Riz Biography
K-Riz Biography

K-Riz Early Life & Education

Jerome Henry, well known by his stage name K-Riz, grew up in Edmonton, Canada. K-Riz was exposed to a variety of musical genres at an early age because she grew up in a family with strong musical heritage.

As a member of the hip-hop duo Hero, his uncle, who is also a rapper, achieved success with the hit song “Mogadishu.”

Reports state that K-Riz began rapping when he was twelve years old. K-Riz’s father was a DJ who played hip-hop and R&B, making him one of the first in Edmonton to embrace these genres in the 1980s. His grandfather also performed jazz music.

K-Riz Net Worth

K-Riz Net Worth
K-Riz Net Worth

About $2 million is thought to be K-Riz’s net worth.

K-Riz Personal Life

It is unknown how K-Riz lives his private life, including his romantic relationships and kids.

K-Riz Career

K-Riz Career
K-Riz Career

K-Riz started rapping under the moniker Kid Charisma when he was 12 years old, kickstarting his musical career. He refined his abilities and created an own musical style over the years, fusing jazz, blues, and R&B.

His debut album, “Fresh Air,” which he released in 2016, featured his reflective lyrics and sultry vocals.

Nevertheless, K-Riz had serious problems in the ensuing years. First off, the COVID-19 epidemic that broke out in 2020 caused him to postpone the publication of his second album, “Peace & Love.”

Subsequently, in June 2020, he sustained a broken spine in an automobile accident. Despite these obstacles, K-Riz used his time healing to think back on his past and create new music.

In December, he released a four-song EP called “The Room,” which offered a window into his introspective process.

Motivated by the encouragement and favorable comments he got, K-Riz made the decision to concentrate on publishing “Peace & Love.” The album explores K-Riz’s experiences, touching on subjects like trauma, relationships, and personal development. It has jazzy instrumentation and reflective verses.

With his emotional vulnerability and clarity in storytelling, K-Riz draws comparisons to acclaimed rapper Kendrick Lamar.

K-Riz Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @krizmusic
  • Twitter handle: @krizmusic

K-Riz On TikTok


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K-Riz Discography

  • Fresh Air
  • The Room
  • Peace & Love

K-Riz – Inside Your Love (Prod. Eddie Pe$o$)(Official Video)

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