Jobs on the Road: Five Careers to Take You Places

Jobs on the Road: Five Careers to Take You Places

Driving a vehicle is a great way to relax and help you feel in control. It also opens opportunities to see new places, and possibly meet new people. A driving career can be very satisfying and lucrative. Here are some ideas for careers that can get you out on the open road.

Commercial Bus Driver
Driving a city or metro bus is a job that pays well, and provides a stable routine or route. Helping people get to their destinations can give you a good feeling, too, especially those on a limited income or with health problems who cannot drive.

School Van Driver
Driving a school van, bus, or minibus usually requires a Commercial Driver’s License, and is likewise a meaningful occupation. Transporting children to and from school or field trips is a job that plays an important role in children’s educational development. It is also a way to set a positive adult example and provide needed supervision while in transit. If you have the patience and the right attitude it could be the perfect career for you.

Truck Driver
Driving delivery trucks on local or long-distance routes can be an interesting job for those who want to see more of the country and who are not cut out for a desk or factory job. In addition, drivers can experience varying climates, terrains, and cultures over hundreds or thousands of roadways. Pay and benefits are usually quite good due to the need to be away from home by traveling long distances. Most likely you’ll need to attend a truck driving school in Surrey before getting your license for this job.

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Tour Bus Driver
Taking groups of visitors or tourists to see historic sites can be very enjoyable for drivers. Often the driver becomes the tour director, calling out specific locations and providing historical background and architectural detail to the passengers. Satisfied customers frequently tip the driver for his or her services, adding to the income. Long-distance trips across the country or to special locations are another way to become a tour bus driver and give you a truly interesting career opportunity.

Driving limos for a living adds a glamorous luster to an occupation, especially when the driver gets to dress in a suit or uniform. Sometimes the driver will be able to drive interesting people to their destinations, such as celebrities, political figures, or business executives. Many personal drivers have been privy to insightful information or scandalous revelations by driving famous clients around.

While no special requirements are needed to become a professional driver except for a CDL, it is usually a good idea to enroll in a North Shore driving school Ltd for a few sessions to learn helpful maneuvers for navigating rush hour traffic, construction routes, and detours. With little effort, you can become a pro driver and enjoy it.

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