HOW To (View/Check) BVN Step By Step Using Any Network

HOW To (View/Check) BVN Step By Step Using Any Network

HOW To (View/Check) BVN Step By Step Using Any Network

HOW To (View/Check) BVN Step By Step Using Any Network

In this article, Themoneymail will be guiding how through simple basic steps by steps on how to view your BVN number with any network of your choice.

It has now important in Nigeria’s Banking system today to have a BVN Number, so you have no other choice than to have your BVN in place for your account to function maximally.

For instance, if you go to the bank to open a new account in any of the branches of your choice, they will require BVN Number from you, so you ought to register for BVN account before you open any account with any bank in Nigeria.

The Bank Verification Number, which is sometimes referred to as the BVN, is an essential piece of information for everyone living in Nigeria who is interested in gaining access to advanced financial services.

If you don’t know how to get a BVN Number, check the next paragraph below as it will guide you on how to get a BVN Number in any Bank

What is the BVN?

The Central Bank of Nigeria, in cooperation with the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System, is responsible for the implementation of a unique biometric identity system known as the Bank Verification Number (NIBSS). The increasing prevalence of unlawful banking activities in Nigeria is one of the primary motivations behind the creation of the Bank Verification Number. Our financial services now have an additional, comprehensive level of protection thanks to the BVN.

A BVN is similar to a social security number, except it is used by banks and other financial organizations to identify an individual based on the information associated with their bank account. Following the completion of your biometric registration, you were given a one-of-a-kind number consisting of 11 digits.

The term “biometric registration” refers to the process of identifying a person based on their physiological characteristics, such as their fingerprints, voice, or face traits, among other things.
The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), in collaboration with all Nigerian banks, launched a centralized biometric identification system on February 14, 2014, called the Bank Verification Number (BVN). This was done to address the growing problem of data breaches involving customer security information such as passwords and personal identification numbers (PINs), as well as the difficulties that banks have in managing customers’ identities.

How to Apply for a BVN

The process of registering for your BVN is one that is relatively uncomplicated and uncomplicated. In order to successfully register, please follow the procedures below:

Visit your local financial institution while presenting a legitimate form of identification (such as a driver’s license, voter’s card, or national ID) and ask for a BVN enrollment form.

Complete the form and provide your biometric information, including a photograph and a set of fingerprints. Your biometric information will be captured by the bank.

After the end of the biometrics process, they will provide you with a ticket ID.

After completing the registration process, you should not wait more than a few days to acquire your BVN number.

You may currently find several banks that offer an entirely digital approach, in which the form can be downloaded from the bank’s website. After you have obtained your BVN, the following step is to link it to all of the other bank accounts you have. Visit your financial institution, where you will be provided with the necessary paperwork to finish the process.

Easy By Step To Enroll

  • Go into any location of your bank’s branch.
  • Complete the BVN Enrollment form, and then send it in.
  • Put yourself in the way of the data capture (such as Fingerprint, facial Image etc.)
  • You will be sent with an acknowledgment slip that includes the transaction ID.
  • Within twenty-four hours, the system will confirm your application, generate your BVN, and send you an SMS requesting that you pick up your order.
    Checking Your BVN Online: Instructions
  • If you are unable to access the SIM card that you used to create your BVN, or if you have lost the card. You are able to proceed through the processes as follows:

Easy Steps To Check/View BVN with any Network

To check BVN number for all network work with the same process, it just to dial a code, and this code work with any network provided you are using. You can be using Glo, MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile, And others, just a simple process by dialing *565*0# 

Before you can utilize this service, the very first thing you need to do is make sure that the phone number you intend to use is the same one that was used to register the BVN. If you enrolled with MTN, you will not be able to verify your BVN using a line provided by Airtel.

After that has been established, you are now free to proceed with checking your BVN using the following easy steps:

To send a USSD message, dial the code *565*0# on your phone’s dialer.

Please be patient while you wait for the 11-digit number to appear.

Is there any cost attached to checking your BVN Number?

Definitely, you should expect that you will pay a little sum fee for checking your BVN number, don’t forget nothing is “free anywhere”

The fee to check or access your bank verification number (BVN) using your mobile phone is the same for all networks, including MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile.
A minimum fee of N20 will be deducted from your account in order to obtain or check your Bank Verification Number.

Easy Steps to check Your BVN online With CODE

if you are unable to access the SIM card that you used to create your BVN, or if you have lost the card. You are able to proceed through the processes as follows:

  • You can access the NIBSS BVN Online Portal here Click on this LINK
  • Enter your BVN data as required.
  • After that, you’ll need to enter your password and click the “Login” button.

Additionally, you have the ability to authenticate your BVN on their website by completing the procedures below:

  • Proceed to the BVN Online Portal provided by NIBSS.
  • Place your BVN in the first available box on their form.
  • In the second box, enter your date of birth, being sure to enter it in the correct order: date-month-year.
  • Select ‘Validate’.

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