How to (Save/Invest) With PiggyVest Make Money Online

How to (Save/Invest) With PiggyVest Make Money Online

How to (Save/Invest) With PiggyVest Make Money Online

How to (Save/Invest) With PiggyVest Make Money Online

Firstly before telling you how to save and invest with Piggyvest with piggy vest, you need to first know about “Piggyvest”

The first “Savings & Investment” web app in West Africa is called PiggyVest. On January 7, 2016, we officially debuted as “” as a platform for savings-only transactions.

We only offered discounts to our users for three years. Then, starting in April 2019, we changed our name to “PiggyVest” and started providing consumers with direct investing opportunities in addition to savings.

After 5 years, we have kept up our exceptional service, assisting our 1,000,000+ consumers in managing their finances in a straightforward and open manner. Every month, our consumers together invest & save billions of Naira that they would have otherwise spent.

We want to be the best at what we do at PiggyVest, which is to “provide everyone the power to better manage & increase their finances.” Thank you from all of us at Piggyvest.

Piggy Vest In Nigeria, What You Need To Know

PiggyVest, which was formerly known as, is an online platform that assists individuals in saving money so that they can achieve their objectives. Additionally, the platform gives users the ability to put their money to work in a variety of businesses and earn a return of up to 25 percent on their investments in as little as eight months or longer. Putting money into savings can earn you interest of up to 13%.

They are usually considered to be the most popular and successful online platform for saving and investing in Nigeria.

There is more than one way to cut costs. You have the option to either save as an individual or as part of a group. You can put money away with a friend, with your husband or wife, or with anybody else you choose to share the experience with. Both the website and the app get a significant amount of usage in Nigeria.

When you save all of the little amounts of money that you throw away every day, week, or month, you can turn them into a very large amount of money. The practice of putting money aside for unexpected expenses is a wise one.

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How does PiggyVest work?

The way that PiggyVest works is as follows: You have a monetary objective that you wish to achieve. It might be for anything, including to start a business or pay rent. Maybe you merely want to save a million naira, ten million naira or more. You initiate the process of saving money by creating an account on PiggyVest. They offer you interest on your savings of up to 13% of the total amount. You can choose to save on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or at any other time. You can choose to automatically store your progress if you want to. You might, for instance, set a daily savings goal anywhere from fifty to twenty thousand, or even more, yen. You can decide how much money you wish to put away each day, and your bank will deduct that amount from your account on a daily basis.

You may also choose to save money on a weekly basis. For instance, you make the decision to put away one thousand to fifty thousand yen per week or more. It is also possible to set it up such that a certain amount of money is taken out of your bank account on a weekly basis. If you want to save money on a monthly basis, the same rule applies.

There is an alternative available, though, if you would rather not have money taken out of your bank account in order to save on a regular basis and instead save when you feel the urge to do so. It is referred to as a QuickSave. It is up to you to decide when you want to save. Simply navigate to the relevant app or website, log in, and save your changes. Regardless of the method you choose, save.

You also have the option of saving with a companion, such as a friend, family member, spouse, or group of individuals. You and the other people need to come to an agreement on how much money you want to save and for how long. Then start saving! When the time you choose arrives, the money will be sent to the individual savings accounts of everyone who has contributed.

When you make contributions to a savings account, there are only a few withdrawal days per year. The rationale for this is to maintain your sense of discipline. However, you will be subject to a fee if you remove your money before the withdrawal deadline.

There is a choice available to lock the monies. if you have some money that you’d rather not spend right now. It could be for the rent on the house, the fees for the school, for the business, or for anything else. You have the option to lock it in, in which case you will be paid the interest of 13% up front.

The fact that you are able to make financial investments is one of the many advantages offered by this platform. There are a lot of new businesses just getting started that need funding. You can research them, determine which one is suitable for you, and then decide whether or not to invest. It is really simple to do. Simply make a few clicks, and you will be finished. You can begin investing with as little as three thousand won!

Imagine all of the one hundred, five hundred, one thousand, or even more, Something you throw away once a week or once a month. You will be astonished at how much you gain in a year when you save or invest them on this platform, and that amount is in addition to the interest you earn.

Should I feel comfortable using PiggyVest? You need to ask!

It is risk-free to save funds or make financial investments on this site. They are legally established as PiggyTech Global Limited with registration number RC 1405222. They purchased a microfinance bank together with its license at the beginning of 2018. In addition to that, they are a registered cooperative that goes by the name Piggytech Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited and has the registration number 16555.

AIICO Capital, the most successful asset management business in Nigeria, is in charge of the safekeeping and management of all of the funds that are deposited on this platform. The Securities and Exchange Commission has registered and licensed AIICO Capital (SEC).

Also, your card details are kept. The information is not saved on their website at any point. They handle your information through a partnership with Paystack, a reputable payment processor based in Nigeria that complies with PCIDSS standards. An SSL encrypted connection provides the website with an additional layer of security.

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Terms you need to know when using PiggyVest

PiggyVest features

As will be seen in the following section, there are several features.


PiggyBank is, as its name suggests, the PiggyBank that can be found on PiggyVest. Therein lies the opportunity for financial savings. This function is designed for you if you intend to reduce your own spending in order to achieve the objectives you have set for yourself. Do you remember all of the money you squandered on those things that had no significance? You are able to store anything, regardless of its size, in this location. You will also have the opportunity to make significant interest on it. Within a year or two, that meager sum will balloon into a significant amount!

If you save 100 every day, you will have 36,500 at the end of the year, not including the interest that may bring the total to 40,000. If you put away 5,000 per month, that totals 60,000 a year, and if you add in interest, it might go up to more than 67,000.

And if you decide to put away twenty thousand yen from your salary each and every month, that amounts to two hundred forty thousand yen every year, and if you add interest to that, it might be worth more than two hundred seventy thousand yen.

You have the ability to save for as long as you see fit. The longer you save, the more money you will accumulate, as well as interest on that money.

You have the option of having money set aside for you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The sum will be taken out of your bank account in an unattended transaction automatically. There is a function known as Quicksave, so even if it is something that does not appeal to you, there is no need to worry. You are able to save money manually whenever you want thanks to the Quicksave feature. If you select the options for a quick save, you will be required to log in to the application or website in order to do a manual save whenever you like.

You are free to stop contributing to your savings at any moment and resume doing so at a later time. If you do not have money for a month to save, there is no problem, you may suspend the savings or utilize quicksave.

You also have the option to raise the amount that you put away in savings. Everything is in your hands.

You will have instant access to the funds in your PiggyBank account. But in order to foster self-control, there are very few withdrawal dates throughout the year.

Every last day of March, the 31st

Every 30th of June

Each and every thirty first of September

On the last day of each December

You are also able to make changes to this date on your own.

Sign up for an account on this website.

Investify (Invest for the future)

One of the options available on PiggyVest that assists users in investing in opportunities with a low level of risk is called Investify. The company does due diligence and gives its stamp of approval to these investment prospects. Every investment comes with its own unique layer of defense. If you are concerned about whether or not it is covered, you should educate yourself before investing because the insurance coverage for various investment opportunities varies.

You can start investing with as little as three thousand dollars and obtain returns of up to twenty-five percent on your money. Depending on the type of investment, interest may be paid on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

You are free to make trades in your shares at any moment, as well as sell off your investment whenever you like. Despite the fact that these investments come from outside sources. PiggyVest however perform thorough diligence before approving. In addition, they offer additional safety for the capital. Before making any investments, you need to give each investment a comprehensive study.

Agriculture, real estate, fixed income assets, and other types of investments each have their own unique set of prospects for financial gain.

Lock and safe (Lock funds away)

The Piggy Vest app includes a feature called Safelock that enables users to lock away their funds until a certain time. You are eligible to get up to 13% of the money that you lock away. It acts like fixed deposit.

It is really simple to do. If, for instance, you have 300,000 to pay for the rent on your house in a year or for the school fees of your children or maybe you just stumble upon some cash, you can use safelock to lock the money until you need it. For example, if you have 300,000 to pay for the school fees of your children or for the rent on your house in a That is in order to keep from spending it. Simply select the amount you want to lock, as well as the length of time you want it locked for.

You won’t have to wait to get your hands on that interest money. After the period of time that you specify has passed, the money will be made available to you for your use automatically. You are permitted an unlimited number of safelock accounts.

The least amount of money that can be locked is one thousand yen.

Target savings

Target savings is a tool that gives users the ability to save money on their own, with friends and family, or with a group of people in order to achieve a certain goal. Take, for instance, your intention to launch a new venture within the next year. You can save specifically for a particular goal by opening a separate savings account for that purpose. You may also ask other people to save money with you by inviting them. After reaching 70 percent of the goal, you will be able to make a free withdrawal on the day that you originally selected. The interest rate on savings goals is 10% each year.

In the event that you are organizing a trip with a group of pals. You are able to set a goal savings amount for it. Invite some of your other pals, and you can all get your savings started together.

The shortest time period that can be selected is thirty days.


PiggyFlex is the primary account that all of your interest, savings, and goal will be deposited into as they are reached. You can make cash withdrawals or send money to other people from this location.

For illustration’s sake, whenever you make a withdrawal from your PiggyBank, the funds are transferred over here. The identical one that can be found on your investify, safelock, and target savings.

You are free to make withdrawals into your bank account at any time, from this location.

PiggyVest interest rates

When you save money with the platform, you will receive interest on that money.

10% per year on the primary savings account (Piggybank Savings)

More than 13% on an annual basis on SafeLock

10% each year added to both Group Savings and Target Savings

PiggyVest points

The point is a mechanism that awards users with rewards for the amount of money they save using the site. When you save money, you gain points, and you can later turn those points into cash.

The amount of money you put away determines the number of points you receive. The following is a rundown:

N2000 – N4999 = 1 point

N5000 – N9999 = 2 points

N10000 − N49999 = 10 points

N50000 – N99999 = 25 points

Above N100,000 is equivalent to 55 points.

N10 is the value assigned to each individual point. This means that 1 Pig Point is equal to N10.

PiggyVest customer care

The following information pertains to customer service:

Telephone number for customer service

The number to call for assistance with a PiggyVest purchase is 0700 933 933 933.

Customer care email

[email protected] is the email address for the Piggy Vest customer service department.

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PiggyVest mobile app

The PiggyVest app may be downloaded on mobile devices running either Android or iOS. It is available for download on the Google Play Store as well as the App Store. You can also click this link to obtain the document that best meets your needs.

Location of the PiggyVest corporate office

Piggy vest’s main office can be found at 16 Boyle Street, Onikan, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria. This location is in the city of Lagos.

PiggyVest Website is the domain name of the website.

PiggyVest login

You are able to access your account whenever you choose by either the mobile app or the website. Your email address or phone number, along with your password, is all that is required.

How to make money through investing with PiggyVest

To start making money with PiggyVest, just follow these steps.

1. Make sure you sign up for it.

The first thing you need to do is create an account. The procedure is fairly straightforward. To set up your account, please click here.

2. Proceed to the Investify website.

As soon as you are inside of the Dashboard for your PiggyVesy account. On the screen, you will find a number of different possibilities. Simply select “invest for the future” or “investify,” and that will do it.

3. Consider the many investing opportunities and put money into them.

You will have access to a wide range of investing choices. You can choose whomever you wish to invest in by clicking on them. The majority of investment opportunities have a N3000 minimum need before you can participate. Some are more.

Terms And Conditions Using PiggyVest

These Terms of Use (these “Terms”) set forth the terms and conditions under which you may use and access our website located at, as well as all other websites we own and operate that are affiliated with us (collectively, the “Website”). These terms also apply to our products, services, and applications (collectively, the “Services”). The individual who uses or accesses the Services is referred to as “you” and “your.” “We,” “us,” and “our” refer to PiggyVest and its affiliates, assigns, and successors. The term “PiggyVest Account,” as used in these Terms, refers to the account you have with us for the Services.


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