How to Motivate Yourself When You Are Down

How to Motivate Yourself When You Are Down

Do you find yourself putting things off and needing a push to start again? If so, you are in a league of thousands of others who do not find performing regular and irregular tasks exciting enough. What you need is motivation, motivation will get you going. Bring in changes in your attitude and uplift your self-esteem to evolve into a newer positive personality.

Give a pat on your back: Instead of regretting the errors or mistakes you have made, it is time you rewarded yourself for your achievements and successes, no matter how big or how small. You can treat yourself to an outing, buy something to eat, or buy new pair of clothing. Regular rewards will make you pinpoint your achievements and boost your self-esteem. Make use of technology to keep a track of your achievements. Mark it on your calendar, website, or app whenever you finish a task.

Make a list of issues that bother you and balance these out with the positives in your life: Put a pen to paper and jot down the problems that are contributing to your frustration. It could be boredom, too much work pressure, no fixed goals a.k.a. moving targets, a negative bent of mind, or an unhappy relationship. Now balance this with the positives in your life, like a steady relationship, family, sports, friends, etc. If there is a healthy mix of both, then there is nothing to worry about, your frustrations may just be a passing phase. If there are significantly more issues that are frustrating you, you should take action to resolve some of them and try to balance this list.

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Convert a big task into smaller ones: Often a large responsibility can weigh down on the performance or motivation level of a person. Break up a large daunting task into a series of small steps. Complete small tasks one step at a time and you will feel a sense of achievement each time. Make a schedule of small tasks to help you through. This can be a morale booster and gear you to take on tasks happily the next time around.

Nobody is perfect:  If you are a perfectionist, you are soon going to feel demotivated and dissatisfied if things are not going your way. It is better to put in your best rather than trying to perfect every time and complete things. This allows you to complete things and move on.

Make unpleasant tasks enjoyable:  It is not possible to achieve your goal if you do not enjoy the activity that leads to it. In case you are on a weight loss regime, you will find dieting and exercising a pain. Instead, you can try interesting new low-fat menus and carry your earphones when you are out on your jog. If you get writer’s block whenever you are about to fill in your blog, you can change your topic to a subject that you are passionate about.

It is the company you keep:  People around you are also responsible for your state of mind. Surround yourself with highly motivated and positive people.  When you start a task, get a friend or a helpful colleague to take stock at regular intervals. You can ask them to help you keep off fatty snacks or keep a track of the progress of tasks you have undertaken. Positivity around you is going to keep you motivated so shed off the company that bogs you down.

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What other methods do you use to motivate yourself? What methods work best for you?

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