Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation Founders’ Award

The Founders’ Award offers financial support to postgraduate students who have received a Canadian Scholarship Trust RESP. These rewards are available to students enrolled in any post-secondary program in Canada, including apprenticeships and university degrees.

The money can be used to cover tuition costs as well as additional costs like books, supplies, and living costs. Ten recipients get the $10,000 Founders’ Award each year.

Level/Field of Study

Canadian students who have finished their post-secondary education in Canada and want to continue their education there are eligible for this Founders’ Award.

Host Nationality

The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation is a non-governmental organization in Canada dedicated to making student education more accessible. They have various possibilities for Canadians in addition to the Founders’ Award.

Eligible Nationality

The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation Founders’ Awards is open to Canadian students anywhere in the world interested in studying in Canada. Students who meet the requirement will be considered for the scholarship.

Required Criteria for Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation Founders’ Award

To proceed with your Founders’ Award application, you must affirm the following facts:

  • I am a CST recipient, and I have received all of my Education Assistance Payments from the Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan.
  • I am a graduate of a postsecondary institution that qualifies (degree or diploma)
  • I am now enrolled or will be enrolled in another diploma/degree program at a Canadian-authorized post-secondary institution.
  • I’ve never received this honor before (formerly known as the Canadian Scholarship Trust Graduate Award)
  • I have a financial need that will make it difficult for me to finish my studies.
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Required Documents to Apply for Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation Founders’ Award

The materials listed below are necessary to apply for the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation Founders’ Award.

  • The materials listed below are necessary to apply for the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation Founders’ Award.
  • A personal statement detailing the applicant’s financial condition is required.
  • Transcript from the most recently completed postsecondary educational program
  • One referral letter to the CST Foundation
  • An admission determination letter from a recognized post-secondary institution announcing admittance to the school for the forthcoming academic year, if one is available.

Please keep in mind that the referral letter should be written by somebody who knows you and can speak positively about your character and abilities but is not linked to you (i.e. not a family member). The reference letter must:

  • Be forwarded to the CST Foundation.
  • Describe how the referee knows you and how long you’ve known him or her.
  • Explain to the referee why you believe you are a good contender for the Founders’ Award (using examples of character traits, values, situations, and/or personal qualities). We are especially interested in aiding kids that exhibit resiliency, community involvement, and a desire to achieve greatness.
  • Please include the referee’s contact information.

Financial Coverage

Ten winners get $10,000 in scholarships as part of the Founders’ Award. Tuition and other school-related costs, such as books, supplies, or living expenses, may be covered by the funds.

How to Apply

Beginning in April, submissions for the Founders’ Award must be received by the early May deadline. By the end of June, the results are made public, and scholarships are awarded all summer long. For your convenience, we have provided a timeline for [year].

  • Create a profile anytime
  • Start the application from April 4, [year]
  • Please submit your application by May 6, [year], at 11:59 pm ET
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About Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation

The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation was founded in 1960 as a non-profit organization to assist Canadian families in saving for their children’s post-secondary education. Their schemes are managed, distributed, and administered only by CST Savings Inc. (CST).

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