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Bryan Cranston Net Worth: Bryan Cranston is a $40 million net worth American actor, writer, and director. Bryan Cranston made his fortune primarily as an actor, progressing from the stage to bit parts in TV commercials before landing a regular role as Dr. Tim Whatley on Seinfeld and then starring in the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. From there, he landed what would become his signature role: Walter White, also known as the murderous drug lord Heisenberg, on AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Bryan Cranston Net Worth and Profile Summary

NameBryan Cranston
Date of Birth:March 7, 1956
Age:[get_age month=3 day=7 year=1956] old
Place of Birth:Canoga Park, United States of America
Bryan Cranston Net Worth:$40 million
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.791 m)
Bryan Cranston Net Worth

Bryan Cranston Net Worth

Bryan Cranston’s net worth is estimated to be $40 million. Cranston began with a meager salary and gradually accumulated millions in his bank account by acting in various television series and movies. Throughout his career, he has also appeared in numerous television commercials.

Cranston has also appeared in HBO’s ‘All the Way,’ a Broadway adaptation. According to reports, Bryan charges an average of $225,000 per episode. He has amassed considerable wealth and has also performed numerous charitable acts. Giving to AIDS organizations is one example.

Real Estate

Bryan Cranston paid $2.5 million for a seaside property in Ventura County in 2007. After starting the demolition of the old house on the property, he finished the building in 2012. The completed home was specifically created to meet the most advanced environmental standards; it was Platinum LEED-certified as a green home and had solar panels, rainwater collection tanks, and a number of other ecological elements. The Cranston residence thus qualifies as a “net-zero home,” that is, one that generates at least as much energy as it consumes.

However, as Cranston stated in an interview with Dwell magazine about the house: “We know we have succeeded if our guests inquire incredulously, ‘This is a green home?'” you wouldn’t know it by looking at the house. Due to the green requirements, the renovations cost 30% more than a typical refurbishment. This house was put up for sale by Cranston and his wife in February 2021 for $4.995 million.

Movie Career

Bryan Cranston’s parents had mixed feelings about acting, so he did not pursue it seriously until after graduating from Los Angeles Valley College in 1976. (with a degree in police science). Before he started getting regular acting work in the 1980s, he worked as a Universal Life Church minister, a waiter, a security guard, and even a video dating service camera operator.

One of his first roles was as a regular on the ABC soap opera Loving from 1983 to 1985. In the late 1980s, he had a starring role on a short-lived television show called Raising Miranda, and eagle-eared viewers have recognized his voice dubbing various pieces of Japanese media for American audiences, most notably the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – even serving as the namesake for one Billy Cranston, otherwise known as the Blue Ranger.

Cranston continued to work as a character actor on increasingly notable TV shows, eventually appearing in a 1998 episode of The X-Files, where he met future Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan. Around this time, he began landing feature film roles, including that of famous astronaut Gus Grissom in the 1996 film That Thing You Do! and a prominent but brief role in 1998’s Saving Private Ryan.

His biggest break came in 2000, when he was cast as family patriarch Hal on the Fox sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, which lasted seven seasons. Cranston also directed a few episodes of the show. His work on various TV shows continued, with guest appearances on shows such as How I Met Your Mother and in the 2006 film Little Miss Sunshine.

He made his Breaking Bad debut as Walter White in 2008, launching him to international renown and landing him supporting roles in movies like Drive and Godzilla in addition to main roles in The Infiltrator and The Upside. He has also carried on directing for television and taken part in numerous charitable activities.

In 2018, he became the voice of the Ford advertising campaign “Built Ford Tough,” and in 2019, he made an unlikely return to the role of Walter White in the Netflix Breaking Bad sequel film El Camino. And, of course, his work as an actor has earned him numerous accolades and awards, including three consecutive Emmys for his role as Walter White on Breaking Bad.

Cranston’s most well-known role, Walter White on Breaking Bad, earned him $225,000 per episode at the height of the show’s popularity.

Early Life

Bryan Cranston was born on 7th March 1956. He didn’t begin his acting career till after he received his undergraduate degree. However, his father also looked for work in Hollywood but mostly failed. Instead of doing the same, he left Bryan, his brothers, and their mother in 1967. Up until the age of 22, Bryan had never seen his father. He and his brother Kyle reestablished contact with their father at that age.

However, Cranston admitted that he patterned his acting on ‘Breaking Bad’ in large part on the traits of his father. The actor later recalled one amazing incident from his youth. He disclosed that while horseback riding at the now-famous Spahn Ranch in California when he was twelve years old, he had a brief meeting with one Charles Manson. The Manson killings, as they are now known, took place not long after this.

Personal Life

Bryan Cranston and Mickey Middleton first crossed paths in 1977. Bryan and Mickey got married the same year, when Mickey was 23. However, there was a divorce after the marriage. There were no children born to Mickey and Bryan. Bryan then met Robin Dearden, his current wife, in 1984 while working on the set of “Airwolf.” Despite going their separate ways, they immediately sensed a connection.

Bryan didn’t make a lighthearted proposal to Robin until 1989. In July of 1989, the couple was hitched. Taylor Dearden, their daughter, was born in 1993. Taylor and her mother Robin both had cameos in “Breaking Bad.” Even after 30 years of marriage, Bryan and Robin are still much in love.

Wrap Up

Bryan Cranston is best known for his roles in Seinfeld and Breaking Bad, where he played Walter White. Cranston is currently one of Hollywood’s most popular actors.

Bryan Cranston’s net worth is estimated to be $40 million as of [month] [year]. He amassed his fortune through his numerous roles in voice acting, television, and film. Cranston is now known for writing and directing TV sitcoms and feature films.


How much did Bryan Lee Cranston make from Breaking Bad?

Cranston receives a cool $225,000. (Not bad for someone who was meant to die at the end of season one.) Cranston will receive $1.8 million for the next eight episodes of the show.

How old is Bryan Lee Cranston?

Bryan Lee Cranston is [get_age month=3 day=7 year=1956] old. He was born on 7th March 1956. Accroding to astrologers, his zodiac sign is Pisces.

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