[Apply] || YVote Naija CivicTech Hackathon ($5000 Grant) 2022

[Apply] || YVote Naija CivicTech Hackathon ($5000 Grant) 2022

[Apply] || YVote Naija CivicTech Hackathon ($5000 Grant) 2022

Do not miss out on the currently ongoing YVote Naija CivicTech Hackathon ($5000 Grant) 2022

The YVote Naija CivicTech Hackathon 2022 application is now available. The Hackathon is being conducted by Brain Builder Youth Development Initiative (BBYDI) with sponsorship from Christian Aid Nigeria in order to identify civic-tech solutions that would improve citizen engagement in Nigeria’s electoral process.
The hackathon will bring together young social innovators and developers in Nigeria between the ages of 15 and 35 to explore ideas, gain skills, and network with others who are working toward a common goal of improving Nigeria’s electoral process and civic involvement in governance.

High-light of YVote Naija CivicTech Hackathon

In response to the rising voter apathy that has marked Nigeria’s general elections in recent years, a non-governmental organization, the Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative (BBYDI), is launching a series of activities with funding from Christian Aid Nigeria to increase citizens’ participation in the electoral process, particularly among women and youth. The use of information and communication technology (ICT) to bring more people on board is what makes this program distinctive.
Virtual town halls, fireside talks on radio and social media platforms, and the YVoteNaija hackathon, which will take place in the Federal Capital Territory, are among the events outlined by the organization’s Executive Director, Olasupo Abideen, in a statement released on Thursday (FCT).

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Aims of YVote Naija CivicTech Hackathon 2022

The aims of the YVote Naija CivicTech Hackathon 2022 is to identify and support the development of civic-tech ideas capable of enhancing citizen participation in the electoral process.
  1. Develop ideas,
  2. Build skills and connect with other young innovators working towards a shared goal of strengthening the electoral process
  3. and civic participation in governance in Nigeria.

Eligibility For YVote Naija CivicTech Hackathon 2022

To be eligible for the YVote Naija CivicTech Hackathon 2022, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:
  1. Be a Nigerian young social innovators Aged of 15 and 35 years
  2. Must be a registered to vote
  3. Ability to work on new idea
  4. Ability to work with other young innovators.
  5. Must have an active internet connection as most engagements will be virtual
  6. must have demonstrated knowledge and experience relevant to the development and deployment of Tech solutions
  7. Requisite knowledge of the Nigerian electoral and political landscape is an added advantage.
  8. Females are strongly encouraged to apply

Application Instruction 

  1. Applicants will be able to submit as individuals or as teams (Teamwork is highly encouraged)
  2. Applicants are to identify critical challenges and brainstorm solutions by developing a viable tech concept targeted at but not exclusive to;
    ·      Voter Education and Information Dissemination
    ·      Voter Mobilisation
    ·      Identification and Location of Polling Units
    ·      Mitigation and Tracking of Electoral Violence and Fraud and
    ·      All other challenges associated with civic participation in the electoral process

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Evaluation Criteria

  1. Problem-Solution Fit: Is the problem well-defined? Is the solution a good fit for mitigating or resolving it
  2. Potential Impact: Is it a widespread problem? Is there adequate research on it? Can the solution be scaled easily to actual deployment in the real world?
  3. Novelty & Learning: What is a novel about the solution the team has proposed? Has it been done before? What will we learn from the solution that we didnt already know before?
  4. Prototype: How easy-to-use is the application? How engaging are the user experience and design? How functional and well-implemented is the prototype demo?

Benefits of YVote Naija CivicTech Hackathon 2022

The successful ideas or solutions will be showcased upon the completion of the hackathon. The project team will also push for the adoption of some of the novel solutions at the National, State and Local Government level as well as civil society organizations.
  1. Grand prize of 5000  US Dollars
  2. Mentorship from Tech Giants
  3. Opportunity to co-create innovation with other young innovators
  4. Get visibility For your work
  5. National and International recognition

How To Apply 

All submissions are to be done online
For more information visit the official webpage of the YVote Naija CivicTech Hackathon 2022 

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