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APPLY || World Resources Institute (WRI) Land Accelerator Africa 2022

APPLY || World Resources Institute (WRI) Land Accelerator Africa 2022

APPLY || World Resources Institute (WRI) Land Accelerator Africa 2022

Do not miss out of the currently ongoing World Resources Institute (WRI) Land Accelerator Africa 2022

Deadline: Ongoing

The World Resources Institute (WRI) Land Accelerator Africa 2022 is now accepting applications. The Land Accelerator Africa was founded by the World Resources Institute (WRI) in 2018, and it is the world’s first training and mentoring program aimed exclusively at enterprises that rehabilitate degraded forests, farms, and pasture.

To help entrepreneurs across Africa achieve the AFR100 Initiative’s objective of restoring 100 million hectares of land by 2030, the Land Accelerator offers mentorship, networking opportunities, technical training, and workshops to help them improve their storytelling and pitching skills.Participants will finish the program with more confidence in their ability to engage with potential investors and take their firm to the next level of development. Since its inception in 2018, the program has drawn approximately 1,400 applicants from throughout Africa, with 104 graduates from 34 countries reporting creating 11,200 employment, working with 56,000 farmers, and restoring 127,000 hectares.


Top 100 benefit from:

  • 3 months of exclusive weekly trainings from experts.
  • 3 months of access to Fledge’s online lessons for start-ups.
  • Templates to create content to help your business thrive.
  • Weekly office hours with mentors who will lend their expertise.
  • Weekly networking sessions to speak with and learn from other entrepreneurs in your cohort.

By the end of the program, entrepreneurs access the training and tools that they need to complete:

  • A compelling one-minute pitch to hook investors, customers and potential partners.
  • A 10 to 12 slide pitch deck targeted toward investors.
  • An environmental indicator measurement, management and marketing plan.
  • A three- to five-year financial model to visualize their growth projections and to identify capital needs.
  • Increased confidence in their business’s mission and operations.

The top 100 entrepreneurs also had the opportunity to apply for a Land Accelerator investment pack, which an expert panel awarded to the top entrepreneurs.

Recipients of the investment packs benefit from:

  • An innovation grant of $5,000 or more.
  • A coaching meeting with a Land Accelerator organizer to develop an investment and innovation grant plan.
  • A 90-minute group session with members of the Land Accelerator mentor network, who provided tailored feedback.
  • A one-on-one call with a Land Accelerator mentor to provide feedback and a thorough review of all the materials submitted throughout the program.
  • The opportunity to present a three-minute business pitch at the virtual Land Accelerator Impact Days, a two-day event that brings together the awardees and investors from across the continent.
  • The opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs in-person for a week-long bootcamp in Nairobi, Kenya and learn from both leading entrepreneurs and trainers.


  • Open to businesses based anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Applications must be written in either English or French.
  • All entrepreneurs whose business model clearly centers around land restoration — through practices such as sustainable agriculture, reforestation and agroforestry — are invited to apply.

Fellows’ Commitment

  • Entrepreneurs are expected to attend all of the weekly, 90-minute live webinars and the other networking events.
  • These will be scheduled on Tuesday or Thursday evenings across African time zones. Many of the online lessons will include homework assignments to be completed by the participant and/or the management team of the company.
  • The more entrepreneurs put into the program, the more they will get out. Expect to spend a minimum of four hours per week, but plan on spending more time than the minimum. Attendance will be taken, and assignments will be graded according to the timeliness of submission, completeness and effort demonstrated.
  • Entrepreneurs who miss sessions or who skip assignments will be disqualified from consideration for the investment pack.


Click here to apply

For more information, visit Land Accelerator Africa.

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