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APPLY || UN Women Africa From Passion to Profit: Video Challenge 2022

APPLY || UN Women Africa From Passion to Profit: Video Challenge 2022

APPLY || UN Women Africa From Passion to Profit: Video Challenge 2022

Do not miss out of the currently ongoing UN Women Africa From Passion to Profit: Video Challenge 2022

Deadline: February 28, 2022

Are you between the ages of 18 and 35? Are you in charge of a climate-change-fighting business (profitable or social enterprise)? Is your company a woman-owned business or one that promotes gender equality?
Have you been in business for more than six months? Are you a resident of Africa? To enter the UN Women Africa From Passion to Profit: Video Challenge 2022, fill out the form below.

Submit a 2-minute video telling them about your fantastic business, emphasizing how you are combatting climate change and promoting gender equality!


As we reflect on the theme of “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow,” UN Women, UNEP, and Microsoft Africa Development Center (MADC) are keen to ensure that the voices of young women and men entrepreneurs engaged in the green economy in Africa are heard. Simultaneously, ensuring that innovations and social enterprises led by young women and men in Africa are shown to a large audience of potential partners and collaborators – in order to fuel profitable climate action.

To honor this year’s International Women’s Day, UN Women and UNEP, in conjunction with MADC, are hosting a showcase event for young African women and men entrepreneurs. The event will serve as a showcase for their work, as well as a forum for sharing ideas, experiences, and new techniques for successfully running profitable businesses that are motivated by the need to reduce climate change or adapt to changing climates while promoting gender equality.

The program aims to highlight the important work of young women and men in the region who are working to mitigate the region’s rising climate and environmental issues while also promoting gender equality. It will honor up to ten African youth voices from around the continent who are producing and pushing for effective, long-lasting, and revolutionary change, as well as highlighting the interdependency of gender and the environment in creating a more sustainable future for all. The top ten 2-minute videos will be shown at an event on March 8th, International Women’s Day, and promoted on all organizers’ social media channels.


  • Applications are open to youth around the world.
  • Videos can be submitted in English, Portuguese, French, Swahili, or Arabic.

Technical tips to make your video more likely to be picked:

  • Find a quiet place to record – outside is fine if there is no traffic, construction or wind noise.
  • Check to ensure your device is recording at 1920×1080 or higher
  • Place your phone on a stable surface to record or hold your device as steady as possible.
  • Make sure your phone is horizontal, and that your face is lit from the front, not the back.
  • Look directly at the camera, speak with energy and show your personality!
  • Use your creativity to show as you tell.
  • Keep your video to two minutes or less.


If Dropbox does not work for you, you can use WeTransfer and send the file to [email protected].

Click here to submit your entries

For more information, visit UN Women Africa.

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