[Apply] || PWC Nigeria Tech Talent Bootcamp 2022 For Young Nigeria

[Apply] || PWC Nigeria Tech Talent Bootcamp 2022 For Young Nigeria

[Apply] || PWC Nigeria Tech Talent Bootcamp 2022 For Young Nigeria

Do not miss out on the currently ongoing PWC Nigeria Tech Talent Bootcamp 2022 For Young Nigeria

PwC has announced the application for the 2022 PWC Nigeria Tech Talent Bootcamp For Young Nigeria, in collaboration with Xerde. The bootcamp’s purpose is to help participants gain the analytical and software development/engineering skills they’ll need to tackle complex business challenges using PwC’s core 8 technologies to solve emerging concerns and capitalize on new opportunities in Africa.

Programme Features

  • 6 weeks of intensive training and career development
  • 50 techies will be selected to participate in the boot camp
  • 10+ slots of employment offer available for the ten best participants

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Bootcamp Benefits

  • Contract of employment for individuals who have excelled in their studies or training
  • The possibility of being included in PwC’s pool of software engineering expertise for use in upcoming engagements
  • An opportunity to learn technological skills that are in great demand and become employable almost immediately.
  • During the course of the program, participants are given stipends to cover their essential costs.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Participants must be residents of Lagos, Nigeria, and must be between the ages of 18 and 30 during the entirety of the program (6 weeks).
  • Those who are exceptionally analytical and adept at finding solutions to problems.
  • Individuals that have a history of upholding their word and honoring confidentiality agreements are preferred.
  • Persons who are very skilled in both written and spoken communication and who are able to articulate difficult concepts to audiences who are not technically oriented are desirable.
  • People who are able to acquire new ideas and concepts easily and fast, as well as those who think beyond the box.
  • Excellent members of a team who are also self-motivated and able to work with a minimum of oversight.
  • Detail-oriented people who are adept at assessing their own work and spotting mistakes (e.g. code-review).
  • A group of people who are adept at translating business needs into solutions.
  • Persons who are capable of actively identifying system vulnerabilities and documenting those flaws.
  • Have the ability to compile and coordinate the many recommended solutions by the team into a formal document that can be presented.
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Training Tracks

  • Full-stack software engineering
  • Agile product management
  • Data science/DB management
  • Devops/deployment management
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Design thinking & agile dev

How to Apply for PWC Nigeria Tech Talent Bootcamp

Apply for this bootcamp programme by first signing up on the application portal, the fill in the form to submit your details. Click the ‘apply now’ button below to apply. For more details, visit the PWC official announcement page.


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