APPLY || LATEST UNESCO/Global Geoparks Network Grant for Geoparks(2022/23)

APPLY || LATEST UNESCO/Global Geoparks Network Grant for Geoparks in Africa and the Arab States (2022/23)

APPLY || LATEST UNESCO/Global Geoparks Network Grant for Geoparks(2022/23)

Do not miss out of the currently ongoing LATEST UNESCO/Global Geoparks Network Grant for Geoparks in Africa and the Arab States (2022/23)

APPLY || LATEST UNESCO/Global Geoparks Network Grant for Geoparks(2022/23)

Deadline: April 30, 2022

Applications for the UNESCO/Global Geoparks Network Grant 2022 are now being accepted. Global Geoparks Network (GGN) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have established a cooperative campaign to promote the Geopark concept in Arab countries.

World Geological Parks (UNESCO Global Geoparks) are single, unified geographical areas where sites and landscapes of international geological significance are administered in accordance with a comprehensive concept of protection, education, and sustainable development.

UNESCO Global Geoparks instill a sense of pride in local people by enhancing awareness of the significance of the territory’s geological heritage in both history and contemporary society. They also help local people to enhance their connection with the place. The development of innovative local firms, the creation of new jobs, and the provision of high-quality training courses are all encouraged as new sources of money are generated through geotourism, while the region’s geological resources are safeguarded.

Grant from the UNESCO/Global Geoparks Network is a custom-made consultation service that is specifically developed to assist local teams in developing a UNESCO Geopark project. A number of steps and actions are included in the award. GGN Experts will provide guidance and support to the given territory from the time of its conception until the time of its formal application to become a UNESCO Global Geopark. All services supplied to the territory as a result of the award will be delivered at no cost to them.

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Program Details

  • Analysis of the territory: Two GGN Experts will be dedicated to each granted territory. They will hold digital meetings with the granted territory to analyse the context and prepare the field mission.
  • Field mission: The two GGN Experts will conduct a 10 day mission to the granted territory. During this mission, the experts will visit the main sites of the granted territory, engage with local communities, government representatives, local associations, potential Geopark partners and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Online assistance: After the mission, the GGN Experts will prepare a report with the different steps that the granted territory will need to take and the challenges it will need to resolve. The experts will keep on providing guidance through digital meetings in view of a formal submission of an application file.
  • Training: This grant also includes the participation of the granted territory’s Managers in the yearly UNESCO Global Geoparks intensive courses as well as their integration into the UNESCO mentorship and knowledge exchange program.


  • They target emerging Geopark initiatives in Africa and the Arab States, but also existing nature parks and national parks with geological features of international value, intermunicipalities, associations involved in rural development and other management bodies that would like to start developing a viable Geopark.

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Assessment Criteria

The assessment criteria will in the first place be based on:

  • the presence of an existing management body and of people with interest in the UNESCO Global Geoparks concept and able to engage in this endeavour and support the initiative;
  • the presence of geological heritage of international value;
  • the basic understanding and affinity of candidates with the UNESCO Global Geoparks concept.

Secondary criteria will relate to government support, funding perspective,
tourism potential, security and community involvement.


For more information, visit UNESCO/GGN Grant.

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