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APPLY || LATEST FATIMA Al-Fihri Open University (2022/2023)

APPLY || LATEST FATIMA Al-Fihri Open University (2022/2023)

APPLY || LATEST FATIMA Al-Fihri Open University (2022/2023)

Do not miss out of the currently ongoing LATEST FATIMA Al-Fihri Open University (2022/2023)

FATIMA Al-Fihri Open University (2022/2023)

In order to be considered for the Fatima Al-Fihri Open University Internship, overseas students must submit an application. The internship will last anywhere between six and twelve weeks depending on the company. The Internship will deliver services via the internet. In addition to receiving training during the program, participants will receive a certificate of completion upon completion, as well as assistance in applying for scholarships and participating in other programs and activities.

Fatima Al-Fihri Open University is an international, non-profit educational institution that was created online in September of 2016 under the guidance of Fatima Al-Fihri. Since then, it has continued to develop at an astounding rate. In their current iteration, they are a group of transnational adolescents working in a variety of nations around the world, all of whom are passionately committed to their mission of establishing an inclusive learning environment that elevates students and gives meaning to their educational experiences. As a result, Fatima Al-Fihri Open University provides open and accessible tools for persons worldwide who have acquired a high school certificate, regardless of age, country of origin, educational or cultural background, to pursue a university-level education.

It is their goal to establish a flexible education system that can be accessed by everyone who is interested in pursuing their studies at the university level by taking advantage of the Internet and modern technology that is currently available to us; hence, their tagline “A New Generation of Education.” Because they believe that open and free education is a fundamental right for everyone, they have taken the first steps by establishing “Fatima AL-Fihri Open University,” an online university with a variety of academic programs that is accessible from anywhere and to anyone, without any prerequisites or entrance exams, as a starting point. You can earn your higher education for free, and you can study at your own speed thanks to the University’s self-paced study alternatives.

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Summary of the Internship FATIMA Al-Fihri Open University

  • Level of Study: Internship
  • Location: Morocco (online)
  • Institution(s): Fatima Al-Fihri Open University
  • Deadline: Varies as per new opportunities
  • Internship Focused Areas:
    • Human Resources.
    • Communication.
    • Partnership.
    • Marketing.
    • Social Media.
    • Pedagogical Affairs.
    • IT.
    • Platform.
    • Photo/ Video Design and Edit.
  • Internship Period:
    • Depends upon Internship type

Advantages of Working as an Intern

Fatima Al-Fihri Open University Internship covers:

  • No program fees;
  • Flexible working time;
  • Certificate of completion at the end of the program;
  • Dynamic global work environment with FAOU senior team’s support;
  • Opportunity to build a diverse network with active professionals from all over the world.
  • Boost your confidence and develop soft skills like management and communication skill, leadership skill.
  • Familiarize yourself with a broad range of conceptions in social media.

Criteria for being considered for an internship at Fatima Al-Fihri Open University

Applicants must fulfill the following criteria for Fatima Al-Fihri Open University Internship:

  • Required Languages: Proficiency in English language.
  • Eligible Countries: All world countries
  • Ability to speak and write in English, knowledge of the official language of the residing country is obligatory;
  • Stable Access to internet and computer proficiency;
  • Previous work in the non-profit sector is an asset, especially educational organizations;
  • Open minded and willingness to work in diverse multicultural, multi-ethnic environment and be able to maintain effective working relations with people of different national and cultural backgrounds;
  • Actively participating in his/her local community;
  • Desire to learn and improve professionally.

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Instructions on how to apply for an internship at Fatima Al-Fihri Open University can be found here.

Please follow the following application instructions to win Fatima Al-Fihri Open University Internship:

  1. Fill the form from here.
  2. You will have to write :
    • Brief Biography (Max 300 words)
    • Cover Letter (Max 700 words)


Website FATIMA Al-Fihri Open University

To know more about Fatima Al-Fihri Open University Internship, please visit official website:

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