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Alex Wolff Net Worth: Alex Wolff is a $3 million net worth American actor, musician, and composer. Alex Wolff was born in November 1997 in New York, New York. From 2007 to 2009, he co-starred in the Nickelodeon musical comedy television series The Naked Brothers Band with his brother Nat. In 2010, Wolff played Max Weston in the TV series In Treatment. He has appeared in a number of films, including The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie, The Sitter, A Birder’s Guide to Everything, HairBrained, Coming Through the Rye, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, The Standoff, and Patriots Day.

Wolff was nominated for a Young Artist Award in 2008 for his work with The Naked Brothers Band. Alex and Nat Wolff collaborated on two soundtrack albums for their TV shows and established the duo Nat & Alex Wolff, who released their debut studio album Black Sheep in 2011.

Alex Wolff Net Worth and Profile Summary

NameAlex Wolff
Date of Birth:Nov 1, 1997
Age:[get_age month=11 day=1 year=1997] old
Place of Birth:Manhattan, United States of America
Occupation:Drummer, Actor, Songwriter, Musician, Composer, Guitarist,
Alex Wolff Net Worth:$3 million
Height:6 ft (1.83 m)
Weight:70 kg or 154 pounds
Alex Wolff Net Worth

Alex Wolff Net Worth 

Alex Wolff has a net worth of $3 million as of [month] [year]. He made his money from his hard work in the movie and music industries. Though he has attained success, he has decided to continue to work hard just to give his fans more quality.


Wolff made his film debut in The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie, a musical comedy written and directed by his mother, in 2005. His mother also created, produced, wrote, and directed the pilot episode of the Nickelodeon-approved television series The Naked Brothers Band, which aired from 2007 to 2009.

Their father composed and directed the film and television program scores, as well as singing, playing instruments, and providing additional voices. “Crazy Car,” one of the show’s two soundtrack CDs, peaked at No. 83 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In the 2007 music video for Fall Out Child’s “The Take Over, The Breaks Over,” he portrayed the role of a young boy. Wolff made a brief appearance in two television shows that aired in the same year: the Nickelodeon film Mr. Troop Mom and the American police comedy-drama series Monk.

His mother directed the Flea Theater performance of his play What Would Woody Do? in 2010, in which he also starred. He also participated in the HBO medical drama In Treatment the same year. Wolff then appeared in the comedy The Sitter (2011) and the indie film HairBrained (2011), both starring Brendan Fraser (2012).

He first appeared in the independent drama Coming Through the Rye in 2015. In 2016, he appeared in two films: the humorous sequel My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and the tragic drama Patriots Day. Simply defined, Patriots Day was a dramatization of the Boston Marathon bombing. He played terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the film Patriots Day.

Hereditary, a 2018 thriller starring Alex Wolff, delves into the otherworldly horror subgenre. In the 2019 film “The Cat and the Moon,” which he also wrote and directed, he made his acting and directing debuts.

In 2020, Wolff appeared as a reader on Brando Crawford’s show Acting for a Cause. The series included live readings of some of the industry’s top scripts and plays. Wolff played Algernon in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest and Warren Straub in Kenneth Lonergan’s This Is Our Youth. The Mount Sinai Medical Center was one of the reading’s beneficiaries. Wolff contributed to the development of the alternate reading.


Wolff received the Broadcast Music, Inc, Cable Award in 2007 for the film and series named ‘The Naked Brothers Band’. He earned the Audience Award for a Family Feature Film at the Hamptons International Film Festival in 2005, among many others.

Early Life

Alex was born on November 1, 1997, in New York City, New York, in the United States. His nationality is American, and he is of several ethnicities. Polly Draper, an actress and playwright, and Michael Wolff, a jazz pianist, gave birth to him. Similarly, his older brother, Nat Wolff, is an actor and musician. With his parents, he enjoyed a cheerful and musical upbringing, and the house was always full of people.

Because his parents were musicians and actors, he had more possibilities to learn about those areas at a young age. He began his musical education at an early age by training himself to play the guitar, ukulele, piano, and drums.

Alex Wolff PTSD

In an interview with Vice, Alex Wolff confessed that filming Hereditary took such a mental and emotional toll on him that he feared he had PTSD as a result of the experience. “It stuck with me while we were filming, and it stuck with me well after. When I started talking about it, all these flashes with all this disturbing shit I went through sorta came back in a flood … I don’t think you can go through something like this and not have some sort of PTSD afterwards,”

Personal Life

Alex Wolff is presently engaged to singer Rozzi Crane. Rozzi is an artist that was found and signed by Adam Levine of Maroon 5. It is unknown when they began dating, however Rozzi posted her first Instagram photo of Alex in June 2020.

Wrap Up

Alexander Draper Wolff is an American actor, singer, and musician who was born on November 1, 1997. He rose to prominence after co-starring with his older brother Nat in the Nickelodeon musical comedy series The Naked Brothers Band (2007-09), developed by the boys’ mother Polly Draper. Wolff and his brother, co-produced by their father Michael Wolff, created two soundtrack CDs for the series, The Naked Brothers Band and I Don’t Want to Go to School.


What is Alex Wolff net worth [year]?

Alex Wolff net worth is valued at $3 million. He dedicated his life to movies and made a success out of it. He is one of the most successful TV personality.

How old is Alex Wolff?

Alex Wolff is [get_age month=11 day=1 year=1997] old. He was born on the 1st of November 1997. According to astrologers, his zodiac sign is Scorpio.


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