Ways to Convert Your Internship to a Full-time Offer

10 Ways to Convert Your Internship to a Full-time Offer

Companies use recruiters to find qualified employees. These recruiters charge them 20 -30 % of the employee’s salary which makes hiring through them an expensive deal. Many companies head for the campus to pick up undergraduate interns. These young students are eager, enthusiastic, and willing to learn. Once the interns prove their worth, companies willingly absorb them into the fold.

An internship allows employers to learn more about the person and their skills and whether it would be worth their while to hire interns full-time. As an intern, you could do well to impress your employers with your skills and work ethic and clinch that job. Put in your best while keeping the following in mind:

Find out all you can before you begin: It makes sense for you to learn as much as possible about the company. Go on the web, read trade magazines, or speak with other employees to get a clear picture. Talk to someone who works there or has worked there to get an idea of what the company dies, what you may have to do, and what skills are needed to excel. Likely, you have already done this and hence you were shortlisted.

Be courteous and respectful: Other employees have been there for a longer time; they have more experience than you and can show you the ropes or make you struggle during your internship. At all times remember to be courteous and polite. Make it a habit to wish your seniors.

Work hard: As an intern, you should set goals while you are working. This will help you complete tasks and also give employers a fair idea about your capabilities. Ask for new tasks once you have finished one. Show that you are ready for more responsibility and can add value to the team if you are hired as a full-time employee. This is a good time for your employer to learn more about your communication and time management skills and see your performance under pressure.

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Be well informed: Continue with your reading and find out the latest in the industry. Your employer will be impressed by discovering that you take pains in keeping yourself up to date.

Communicate with your boss:  Explain to your boss at that first meeting what the job means to you.  It is natural to have questions; so go ahead and ask. Be flexible and carry out tasks that have been laid out even though they may not be up to your expectations.

Be humble: At this stage, you may be asked to do tasks that may seem menial. Such tasks go a long way in team building. Remember that the other employees have also started this way. Swallow your pride; watch proceedings with a keen eye that will give you an understanding of the job.

Communicate your ideas: You can contribute greatly with not just your work but your ideas as well. You should share your thoughts and suggestions whenever there is an appropriate opportunity to do so. This will help convey your problem-solving skills.

Be Enthusiastic: Being enthusiastic about taking on new tasks during your internship will help you create a good impression. The work you may get assigned during your internship may not be as per your expectations, but there will be opportunities to learn and build your skills. If you can demonstrate an eagerness to work, you are more likely to get hired.

Learn as much as possible: Internships are generally short, 8-10 weeks. You cannot learn everything in that period, but you should try to learn as much as possible. This shows to your employer that you are committed and you want to do this. Also, the skills you build during the internship will make you more marketable.

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Build your network: Take this opportunity to increase your professional network. Depending on the relationships you build throughout your internships alone, you may be able to get the job or get offered a job in some other department at the same company. A strong professional network will also help you later on in your career.

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