Why we don’t execute on our goals

Almost every person comes up with an idea than can change the world, a multi-million dollar idea, or the next revolutionary product but only some people act on these and bring it to the life. Ideas by themselves are worth very little, the real value lies in the execution.

Ideas don’t change the world; it’s the people who execute these ideas that change the world. So if execution is the key, why so many people fail to execute?

Barriers to execution

First step: The first few steps of any project are the most difficult and the most critical. It takes tremendous effort to get a ball rolling but when the ball is rolling it only takes little effort to keep the ball in motion or to increase its momentum. The same applies to projects, when you are about to start a project, it takes time to get the project off the ground, but once you have put in the initial effort, it becomes easier to work on it on an ongoing basis.

Paralysis by Analysis: Starting on a dream project, we want everything to be perfect. So we spend time on trying to visualize every little detail. We make spreadsheet after spreadsheet, trying to analyze the various outcomes, trying to find the best approach to project. While planning is an important aspect of any project, over analyzing is a spiral which never leads you to the next stage of the project.

Setting Goals: Often the goal we have or the vision we have for the project is too idealistic and far-fetched such that it becomes impractical to pursue.  If you don’t have sight of immediate steps you need to take in order to achieve your goal, you are likely to be wasting your efforts and only realize long after that you are not moving towards your goal.

Motivation: When we start on a new project we are excited and dedicated but over time the drive starts to fade away. Is it boredom, do we stop believing in our ideas? No we don’t, it is a slump in motivation that slows us down and it happens to everyone at some point of time when they are working on a project.

Skills: We may not have the skills we need to execute our vision. If I have an idea of an amazing iPhone app, but don’t know how to program for it, it is likely that one will pass on the idea.

Accountability: Lack of accountability leads to no one taking ownership of a particular task on a project. A perfect way to lead an idea or strategy to failure is to make no one reasonable for the outcome of it.

If we can overcome these barriers to execution and work towards our goal, we can give ourselves a better shot of achieving our goals and realizing our vision.

Have you experienced any barriers to execution? How did you overcome these barriers to execution and move towards achieving your goals?


photo by: Aunt Owwee

5 thoughts on “Why we don’t execute on our goals

  1. Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter November 26, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    Well put. I know I have been tripped up by all of these things in the past. I find tangible realistic lists of steps really helpful. That way I can pragmatically check things off regularly getting me one step closer to my goal.

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