Some side business ideas that do not require start-up capital

Are you looking at breaking free from that regular nine to five job and becoming the master of your own destiny?

You may have skills and the required knowledge to start off on your own as an entrepreneur but are unsure of taking a step without capital. A loan from the bank may not be a feasible idea at the initial stages of any business. While you are toying with ideas for a start up, it is worth going through a range of available options. Take a look at the following ideas for a home business you can start without any significant capital commitments.

Your qualifications can help: Try out writing as a career if you have the necessary writing skills or some interesting perspectives to share. You can write for magazines or advertisements or try your hand at content writing or other online forums –e-magazines. Seeing your articles in print can give you a high without moving out from your house. You can provide graphic designing with providing visuals and images for ads and develop websites and maintain them.  Develop apps for mobiles if you are technically inclined.  You can offer help to organizations in creating their brand on a social media site.

Teach others: You can teach your skills to others from the comfort of your home with minimal capital. You can take art, guitar lessons or vocals to children or adults if you have the knowledge and the aptitude to teach. Tutor at home or start a tuition service by providing tutors for different skills. You can diversify to tutoring online and teach students miles away. If you possess skills in crafts, knitting or sewing you can train people on these or if you are good at using computers you can teach other people, how to use it.

Handy services:  You can provide a whole host of services by tapping the need in your area. You can provide a home for pets when owners are away or look after the elderly by taking care of them. You can think of doing odd jobs for people who do not have time to buy their weekly groceries or take care of children of working mothers. You can offer your services on craigslist or site likes Task Rabbit. Offer landscaping and gardening services for people with gardens.

Trade the stuff you make: You may be good with your hands and can use your spare time to produce items for sale. Sites like Etsy let you create a small store for homemade craft items that you can sell online. You can take orders for handmade woollens or make products that can be sold later. If you are good at carpentry, why not make shelves and boards and other attractive articles needed in the house and sell them in your local area. Go for a home jewellery business and use your creative ideas to churn out designs. You could help people put together digital albums of their memories. There is no end to creative ideas! You can also sell your old stuff online.

When selecting an idea for a small business, pick the one which has the potential to grow big someday and view it as such. For example, if you start by teaching guitar, don’t consider it to be a part-time gig. See how you can form a service where people can buy lessons from you, then you can hire other tutors to work under your brand name. Looking at the bigger picture can be all the difference between something that ends a small gig, and something that grows to become your dream venture.

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  1. Suresh @ Small business ideas March 21, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    If any one is working with passion any business idea would work.

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