Save money on holiday gifts

With the holiday season just around the corner, everyone is looking to buy gifts. With so much shopping, it is easy to spend more money than you had anticipated. Sure you want to buy gifts for everyone you care about but that does not mean you have to take a financial hit. Use these smart tips to save money on gifts this holiday season.


Don’t buy anything for yourself this holiday season: If you are buying a ton of gifts this holiday season, you are probably going to get some holiday gifts in return. So when you are shopping this holiday, leave yourself from the list.

Use your gift cards: If you have gift cards that you received last holiday or from any other occasion, try using the gift card for buying gifts before you start paying cash or charging them on your credit card. You can always use cash later if you plan at the same store. Why let gift cards sit with you, when they can be utilized.

Use cashback sites and credit cards: When you shop online you can make use of cashback sites like ebates, which offer you a percentage of the money you spend as cashback. Also make use of your credit cards when

Use coupons and sales: Use retailer coupons, manufacturer coupons on items you are looking to buy. Start looking for coupons online. One simple way to find coupons is to search for the retailer name and with coupons; for example: Macy’s coupons or Kmart coupons.

Make use f the the thanksgiving sale: Black Friday Ads are already out for many retailers. Take a look at the offering and if you have any of these on your list, try to get them during the Black Friday sale (many of these sales are also available online on Black Friday day). Also many website hold sales in Super Sunday after the Black Friday.

Buy in bulk: There are many retailers who offer sales like buy 2 get 1 free. If its on an item you can give to more than one person on your list, why not make use of these offers.

Comparison shopping: Once you have decided, what you want to buy, you must decide where you want to buy it from. You may be surprised at the difference in the price of the same item at different retailers.  Many retailer carry the same product, yet price it differently. Use comparison shopping websites like Google Shopping or take a look at Amazon, Walmart online stores to get an idea of the best prices.

Donate to charity: Why not make it simple. You associate with a cause and its holiday time, you can make a contribution to a charitable organization and use the receipts as gift. It is something everyone will like and appreciate.

Make your won gifts: If you have skill that you can use to make something a person will like, why not make that as a gift. Its a win win, you and the person receiving the gift will share a connection a purchase gift cannot make. It will show them you care

Buy a family gift: If you are going to be gifting to everyone in a household, consider getting a family gift. Something like a dinner set or tickets to a movie, Broadway show, etc. Family gifts are great as the whole family can enjoy them together and you take care of more than one person of the list

Do you have any tips to save money on gifts this holiday season?

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