Pick of the Day – Tips For Project Management to Making a Career by Jumping off Planes.

In todays edition of “Pick of the Day” I have an eclectic selection of articles. All of these are worth your time. Let me take you on a ride where you will learn about project management, using coupons and making money while jumping out of a plane.


Darwin Financial establishes a few simple tips and tricks that project managers can follow to simplify the way they manage projects.

Read Tips for using coupons to save money this summer by Mrs Not Made of Money. Wonderful ideas of coupon-ing so you don’t sweat because of your bills this summer!

The Penny Hoarder devotes an article to make money and get an adrenaline rush at the same time! Find out how to make money being a sky diving instructor on how to make a living jumping out of planes

Money Tips Staff brings to you an entire article on how low energy lights can save you money on your electricity bill. Find out why LED lights are your best bet.

Almost Frugal put together a comprehensive article on Six ways to Save Money when buying Gifts for a Man at. Now you need not rack your brains when you have to buy a gift for any man in your life.

How to pick the Right smartphone by Frugal Zeitgeist is a must read if you’re planning on buying a new phone. It’ll give you the right parameters to think of.


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