Pick of the Day: Don’t Pay for Financial Services to Going Organic on the Cheap

Today in my surfing and readings of  personal finance blogs from around the web I found some interesting articles which I would like to share with you. I know it has almost been a week. What can I say, blogging is hard especially if you are trying to learn and blog at the same time.

Read about the most common areas where we spend money on financial services even when free alternatives exist in  ‘Do you pay for financial services?

5 great ways to stay away from your savings accounts is a must read for everyone. It’ll give you practical tips which you can apply whether the times are tough or not.

Why I’m firing my financial planner is an eye opener for all those who feel that their planners are not doing enough for them.

Graduation is an exciting and proud time for most of us. Make the most of this time without spending a big buck by following ways to save on a graduation party by Sean

Eat organic food while being frugal. This article will clear any myths about how expensive it is to go organic. A must read for health and budget freaks  by the Festival of Frugality.

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