Money QnA from Twitter – First edition

Join The Money Mail on twitter @the_money_mail and get response to your money queries. Below are some the recent tweets from us.

Eric @_slickrick tweets about his Dream car:

Oh what a driving new dream car..Mini Cooper Countryman..ahhh.

The Money Mail Tweet: @the_money_mail

@_slickrick Eric great choice with the car. My tip-Try to get it second hand. Will save you a lot of money at the time of purchase and sale

Austyn ‏@austynkkennedy shares her strange cravings which involves an expensive cup of coffee at Starbucks.

The Money Mail Tweet: @the_money_mail

@austynkkennedy Go for it. We all love Starbucks. Rest assured you are getting good coffee.

Grant @GMMac25 payed down his debt.

The Money Mail Tweet: @the_money_mail

@GMMac25 @DoucheVicKalb Goog job. Feels really good to be out of debt. What did you do to celebrate?

Jose Mendoza @joseonyx shares a very good tip for dressing up on a budget.

The Money Mail Tweet: @the_money_mail

@joseonyx You may not have the money at the moment but you are definitely creative

Everything Finance ‏@AllFinance encourages you to open an emergency fund.

The Money Mail Tweet: @the_money_mail

@AllFinance : We are with you on this one. Emergency fund should be a top priority.

ELauren @CoCoLuvs83 is happy to see a positive bump in her bank balance.

The Money Mail Tweet: @the_money_mail

@CoCoLuvs831 Indeed, any treats coming our way?

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