Joining the Yakezie Challenge

The Money Mail is participating in the Yakezie Challenge. Yakezie Challenge was started as a way to encourage personal finance and lifestyle bloggers to help each other by becoming consistent on the blog (posting 2- 3 times a week)  and promoting other bloggers. As part of the challenge, I will try to get my Alexa traffic ranking below 200k.

Proud Member of Yakezie

About the numbers

The Money Mail is currently at the 500K mark in the Alexa ranking. Getting below 200K will be a significant task. Alexa ranking is not a true measure of traffic ranking. Alexa computes a rank of your blog based on how many visitors who have installed the alexa toolbar visit your site. Alexa is popular among website owners, internet marketers and other people who like to track website ranks. This leaves out other genuine reader who are not aware of the tool and probably don’t care.

If Alexa ranking is skewed, why bother to participate in the challenge?

The main reason why I am choosing to participate in the challenge is to get to know the other participants better and contribute to the community of personal finance bloggers, which I also believe is at the heart of the challenge. It will also give me direction and a sense of competition, which will keep me stay focused on achieving some of the targets I have set for the blog.

Alexa, although not an accurate measure, is one of the most easily avaible traffic ranking. If you see a high ranking, you can be sure, the website is a popular website, however if you see a lower traffic rank, that does not mean the website does not receive traffic.

Plan to achieve success

In order to achieve success in the challenge, I plan to do the following:

  • Write consistently on The Money Mail: I have been consistently writing for the The Money Mail since the last two week. I plan to continue doing this going forward.
  • Become active on Twitter (@the_money_mail)and other social networks: I will follow personal fiance bloggers as I get to know them. I want to take an honest approach to social media, so I will not be buying ads, or buying fake followers.
  • Organize a giveaway: As soon as I find a sponsor, I will organize a giveaway on the site.
  • Guest post: One of the amazing things about the personal finance bloggers is that, they are generally open to guest posts. I will reach out to some personal fiance blogs to see if they will accept posts from me.

If you have  have participated in the challenge, please let me know how your experience and share your tips to be successful.

3 thoughts on “Joining the Yakezie Challenge

  1. Matthew Allen November 13, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    Good luck with the challenge! The folks over at Yakezie are incredible. As long as you participate in the community, you will have no trouble at all getting under 200k in Alexa.

  2. Lorillia | Your Money Mentor November 20, 2012 at 3:05 am

    Good luck with the challenge and welcome to yakezie. i started in early 2012.

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