I like spending money on these things.

When it comes to spending money I am disciplined but that does not mean I don’t spend money or I am extremely frugal.

You really don’t have to become extremely frugal for saving money. You just have to cut expenses where it makes sense. I spend money on things I know I like and will enjoy. I spend money when I know it give me good dividends in terms of memories, relaxation and relations.

Spending money smartly will give you more value for money.


I like taking good vacations where I can see new places, meet new people or reconnect with family and friends I don’t get to meet on a regular basis. I first look at why I am taking a vacation and then look at whether I can afford it. I only make the trip if I can afford it or use my the miles and pots I have accumulated to pay for the airfare.


I love to get a massage when I am on a vacation. It helps me release stress, which is one of the main reasons to take a vacation. I know it can be a bit expensive. If you like getting a massage, try getting a groupon / livingsocial deal to save money on them.

Books and Courses

I spend a lot of money to learn new things; either by reading books, joining classes or buying online training. I try to first make time to learn what I am interested in. Wait for a couple of weeks to see if I am truly interested in it and then sign up for it. Once I sign up, I ensue I complete the course or book.

What I don’t like spending money on

Lavish Dinners: I don’t enjoy lavish dinners, so I try to not spend money on them.

Cabs: If I can walk the distance, I will walk it; if there is a train or a bus I will prefer that. I only take cabs, when I have to.

Gifts: I would rather give cash (worst case a gift card) than select an item and give it as a gift. Odds are other person does not like a gift I select  as much as something they would buy with the cash.

Shipping costs: I hate it when i have to pay shipping costs or for that matter return shipping on an item. I try to meet minimum spending when possible or try to combine orders and get free shipping.

Trolley at the Airport: Landing at JFK, be ready to shell out $5 for a trolley. What a waste of money after the airport has already charged you a ton via airlines in the fees. I cannot imagine the service to be worth $5 when the porters charge you $1 per bag!

Where do you like spend money and why?

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