How to get my credit report for free?

free credit report

In today’s world it is quite essential to view your credit report. Almost every employer, insurance agents, landlords and banks use your credit report to evaluate your application for insurance, credit and housing and so on.  Thus one need to make sure that the information present in your credit report is true and up to date. The information in credit report reveals information regarding the financial background of a person like his past and present debts, payment history and several other things and is used to calculate credit scores. You can say it is like ones financial diary which reveals how the person pays off his bills and loans.

As per the Fair Credit Reporting Act in the US the credit reporting companies can issue free credit report to an individual who request it once a year. Thus you can enjoy this benefits as long as you ask for it. In US the companies that provides reliable credit report are TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. Yearly these agencies provide free report to every individual who ask for it. Here are some of the ways through which you can avail your credit report for free.

Online: Through online you can make a request for free credit report. By visiting the online website of three credit reporting companies Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian you can access your credit report. When you visit the website for you identification you will be asked basic five questions regarding your finances and previous address and once you answer them right you will get the access to your report.

Through phone: From each of the three reporting companies you can ask for your credit report by making call to each companies. Over the phone they will ask you for simple verification questions once you clear them within 2-3 weeks of your request you will receive your copy of credit report.

In mail: Through mail by filling a form also you can make a request for your annual credit report. Once you fill the form you need to send it to

Annual Credit Report Request Service,
P.O. Box 105281,
Atlanta, GA 30348-5281.
After mailing the form you can expect to receive your credit report in just 2 to 3 weeks after you request is received by Annual credit

These are some simple ways to get your credit report for free. A credit history has the data which only reveals about the person’s paying habit. this report cannot make a judgment that whether the concerned person is a reliable borrower or not. This decision is made by the lender or the financial institution to which this report is given. This report has everything related to your way of handling payments and other bills thus it really makes a huge impact when you apply for loans or credit cards.

The moment you apply for a credit your credit history begins. So if you make any default in payment with a company it is recorded in your history and thus affect his chances to get approval from other institutions. Many times even some errors are there in your credit history which you need to dispute as soon as possible for which reviewing your credit report annually is essential. You can improve your credit score and get inaccurate data out of your history but the process is long and time consuming.

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