8 ways to use the extra hour from day light savings

It is not uncommon to think what you can do with the extra hour you get with the change in day light savings. I like to make every hour count, so if you are like me, you are eagerly looking for ways to make use of the extra hour you get

  1. Get some additional rest: With the clock changing time past midnight, you are probably in deep sleep.  Sleep an extra hour and let your mind and body relax. An extra hour of sleep can do wonders, especially if you are the type who hits the snooze button often. A well relaxed person can contribute more effectively, like you have just returned from a vacation.
  2. Arrive early at work: Impress your boss and colleges by reaching early and doing some extra work. Be sure to convey that you did not miss the day light saving but were eager to use the extra hour to help the company.
  3. Make a breakfast: If you have not been getting a chance otherwise to make your own breakfast and coffee / tea in the morning. Why not do so today. Chances are you got your full sleep and still got up an hour earlier. Use this time to cook a healthy breakfast for yourself.
  4. Go for a run: If you have been putting off working out because you dint find that extra time, grab this opportunity. Go for a run or workout. If you are just starting out, do not overdo it.
  5. Organize your day: How often do you get a chance to organize your day before your start it? I like doing this while taking a subway ride or while taking a bath, but today can be different. With the extra hour today, take a look at where you plan to spend your time, see if you are using time effectively and prioritize your work.
  6. Spend the time with your family: With work and other commitments taking up most of the time, we all find very little time for our families. Why not take this extra hour and create some memories for the family. Spend time with your kids. If you spouse prepares kids for school, take over that responsibility today.
  7. Perform a quick financial checkup: Update your net worth calculation, your budget. Ensure you have paid your credit card and utility bills.
  8. Take a longer bath: If you only find time to take a relaxed bath on weekends, you can take one today! Like an extra hour of sleep, taking a relaxing bath can also release tension and the freshness will help you perform better throughout the day.

So how do you plan to use the extra hour you get today? Let me know in the comments.

photo by: JonathanCohen

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