Dealing with financial emergencies

We’ve all been there; the washing machine refuses to wash; the fridge stops refrigerating and the children really DO believe that money grows on trees and they should be going on the school trip with their friends. There are ways to cope with these disasters without too much stress and expense; it’s just a case of looking at all the options and being a little imaginative.

Emergency Fund

For a short-term loan where you can select the amount and see exactly how much it will cost you, look no further than Using a simple slider tool, you can enter the cash amount and length of time you need it for, and it will immediately show you the total repayment figure. You can use the service 24/7, 365 days a year and even apply using your mobile phone.

If it’s a repair you need, finding the right man (or woman) for the job is essential. Word-of-mouth is usually the best way as a good tradesman’s reputation is worth its weight in gold. Many builders, electricians and plumbers don’t even bother advertising these days as their word-of-mouth business keeps them busy enough. Ask family, friends and neighbors before your fingers take a walk through the yellow pages. You can find almost any type of local tradesman this way, and be able to trust them if they’ve worked for someone you know.

If an appliance decides not to apply itself to the given task, you could try one of the many freebie sites like Freecycle or one of your local area’s Facebook groups. You’ll often find that someone has upgraded a fridge or vacuum cleaner and wants a good home for their old one. With councils being stricter than ever about what you can take to the local household waste depot, these type of sites are becoming a more popular way of getting rid of white goods.

Charity shops are almost as common as mobile phone shops now, but don’t dismiss them. If you have a party coming up and can’t afford a new outfit, try your local charity shop for a jacket, piece of jewelry or something else to spice up your wardrobe. If you need to replace broken crockery, this is the place to do it whether it be a gravy boat or full dinner service. Don’t forget presents either; Christmas can be a financial emergency for too many people these days, but with shelves bulging with books, DVDs, toys, pretty wine glasses and delightful ornaments, you’ll find something for everyone in a charity shop. An added bonus is that you are also helping the planet, as it is estimated that only 2% of materials donated to charity shops end up in landfill sites.

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