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How to Calculate Monthly payments on your loan?

These days nothing runs without money and you never know when an emergency might occur. Whether it’s for medical reasons, a trip to another country, or a wedding, a personal loan can be an

Five Ways To Assess What You Can Afford in Your Budget

It can be difficult to know how best to go about budgeting if you’ve never done it before.  Many people find that by the time they realize they could have used some budgeting, it’s

Five Questions That Must Be Answered When Taking Out a Mortgage

Applying for a mortgage could possibly be the biggest financial decision you make in your life. If you make the wrong decision, it could potentially could you thousands in the long run. To make

Renter’s Insurance Policy- Yes or No?

Renters insurance or tenants insurance is an insurance policy designed especially for the tenants to provide coverage against the loss to their personal belongings in a rented home. It is a worrying fact that

Importance of Life Insurance

Everyone knows someone who last lost a near and dear one before their time and some of you may have gone through it yourselves. While a loss of a loved one is the most

8 Things Hurting Your Credit Score

Credit score plays an important role in your life. For instance, if you are looking for a loan then your credit score will decide what interest rate will be offered to you. If you

Debt Snowball vs. Debt Avalanche, Which One Is Better?

When planning your way out from a labyrinth of growing debts towards a debt-free life, choosing a right debt reduction method is an indispensable part of the plan. There are a number of debt

6 Free Experiences Worth More Than Any Paid Experiences

Life is a journey. It is how we take this journey that sums it all up. Our life is like a roller coaster ride, filled with ups and downs. We meet people and we

Costs of Car Ownership

We Americans love to move around in our own car and derive pleasure from the convenience it has to offer. However, this pleasure comes with a price tag. The purchase price that you pay

Five Smartphone Apps That Will Save You Money

Smartphones have surged in popularity in recent years to the point where the majority of Americans have one. Applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the most popular downloads, but you

Budgeting Myths and Facts

Budgeting is a fantastic technique to help you manage your money in a better way. It is a simple statement prepared on the basis of your earnings and expenses. It gives you a fair

Buy vs. Rent: The Common Debate

Owning a home or renting one is the most thought about topic from the investment point of view. The mortgage rates are very attractive at the moment and so are the prices of the

Talk about money! I urge you

It is observed that a majority of people are introvert when it comes to talking about money. People from certain communities considered money talk as a taboo. Thankfully, people are coming out of this

Trick Yourself Into Saving More

You know the people who set their clocks ahead ten minutes so they’ll never be late? There’s a certain weird psychology in that… and it works. The same principle of “tricking” yourself can be

50+ Plus Ways to Improve Your Health Without Spending a Aot

Today there are several ways to keep yourself fit. You can go for yoga classes, hire a personal trainer or even can join gym. But why to waste much money when you have many

Financial Freedom, What Does It Mean To You?

What does financial freedom mean? Does it mean that you have no credit card debt?  Or does it mean being able to buy what you want when you want it? Does it mean having

Cost of Home Ownership

Now that the property prices are starting to come up again after hitting multi-year lows, many Americas are planning to buy a home of their own. However, owning a home is not an easy

Monetize Your House to Create a New Income Stream

Your home is probably your biggest investment. It might have drained you bank account all these years but not anymore. You can now turn your home into a money making machine. Read further to

Best Traditional IRA account for 2013 – 2014

Who are the top IRA accounts providers if you want to open your account or move it from an existing provider? IRA is a top choice for people who are looking to rollover their

Why You Should Start Saving For Retirement in Your Twenties

Young people generally wonder why they need to start saving for their retirement right away? The answer is straightforward- The earlier you start the better. It is a noted fact that the people in