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Credit card habits of successful people

A new report has recently found out that one among four Americans can face a full financial crisis due to an unanticipated expense. There are some age groups that are more at risk than

Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Visa® Card

Credit cards are quite popular; with people owning more than one. Credit cards are versatile and are used in all sorts of places- stores, gas pumps, restaurants, hotels, airline booking counters besides others. They

The Right Way to Use Credit Cards

Credit cards attract a lot of controversy and the reason is many people don’t use them wisely. If you know how to use your credit cards wisely, you can save money using them and

Paying Down Debt Using 0% APR Balance transfer offers.

If you have credit card debt or some other form of debt that you are trying to pay off, balance transfer offers from credit card companies can be a very useful tool to help