Benefits of working from home for yourself

I worked in a big corporation for over five years and have now been working from home for the last few months. The contrast are striking while both have their pros and cons, today I would like to explore the benefits of working from home on your own business

Save time and money on commute: I spend about 1.5 hours daily in commute, working from home I have the extra time to be productive or relax. With this extra time I can work longer, which is good because, building a readership for the blog is mighty hard. Sine you are also not going to be driving / taking a train / taking a bus to work, you are also saving

Save money on office clothes: Office wear is expensive and you may have to wear clothes that suit the profession you are in. Working from home you can skip nearly all such expenses and have more money to spend on casual clothing or for anything else you desire.

Control of your income: You income is dependent on how much value you are adding to others not by a corporate budget. This means if you add more value you will be able to make more money where as in a corporation, you may get appreciation but it may not reflect in your pay check.

Creative freedom: You are your own master – so while working form home on your own business you have the freedom to be more creative than you can be in a traditional job. There are no need to approvals or following a procedure – all of which can come in the way of creativity.

Increase in productivity: At home you are in a comfortable environment which helps in focusing better at the task you are working and increasing your productivity.

Tax advantages: You can claim tax deductions for the expenses that you incur for business purposes. These include electronic items  like laptop, iPad, etc that you use for business purposes and can also claim a tax deduction for home office.

Save money on lunch: One main reason people don’t bring lunch to work is that they have little time in the morning between coffee and getting ready for work. Once you are at home you don’t have to get your lunch ready early in the morning, just before luch. Eating at home will save you some good amount of cash and will help you maintain a more balanced diet.

More time for other activities: Once you start working from home you have extra time that you can use to do other activities like going to gym, learning kick boxing or any other activity you like.

What are the benefits you see in working from home?



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