Best Things in life are free

6 Free Experiences Worth More Than Any Paid Experiences

Life is a journey. It is how we take this journey that sums it all up. Our life is like a roller coaster ride, filled with ups and downs. We meet people and we form relationship and we have experiences. These experiences and relationship and relationships define our life. But do you have to spend money to build these relationships ad get these experiences? May be at times you have to, but often you can find simple things that give you immense pleasure, something no amount of money can buy. Here are some experiences that are worth more than any expensive experience for me.

Best Things in life are free

Quality time with your family: Pressures of work reduce the number of hours that we would like spend together as a family. In our mad race to excel, we forget to spend quality time with our spouses and children. So before the kids grow into teenagers, make sure you have had your fill of being a good parent. Make a deliberate attempt to be in time for dinner. There can be no joy better than to tuck your little one in bed after the bedtime story.

Keep the romance alive: Remember the vows that you took years ago. Relish each other’s company and make the relationship grow. It makes sense to continually work at your marriage- you can sneak out moments from your schedule and make time for one another. Those little moments will give you immense joy and further cement your relationship.

Give your time, talent and money for a good cause: Giving is a simple way of finding joy. Volunteer to spend time with the elderly and orphans or donate blankets to the homeless. You can give back to the society by volunteering to teach the less fortunate. Donate food or gifts or give your time. Whichever way you choose, you will have an experience that you cannot buy.

Learn the joy of being creative: A hobby can give you a mission and inexplicable joy. Unleash all your creativity to take time to paint or sketch a picture. It may not be a masterpiece but will the end result will be satisfying. You can sew or embroider beautiful flowers, knit up a cap or bake interesting cupcakes. Potter around with your stamp or shell collection; any creative activity that will make you happy. These activities not only appeal to the creative side in you but will help you create things of high emotional value.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep: Your tired body can do with good dose of eight hours of sleep. While being with others is good for your soul, it is equally important to find the joy in being alone. Get yourself a sound proof room and a comfortable mattress and then sleep.

Exercise regularly: Being healthy in mind and body is possible if you find a suitable exercise regime.  A jog or a game of badminton will bring in cheer.


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