Health on budget

50+ Plus Ways to Improve Your Health Without Spending a Aot

Today there are several ways to keep yourself fit. You can go for yoga classes, hire a personal trainer or even can join gym. But why to waste much money when you have many others ways to keep yourself healthy without spending much. Here are 50 plus ways to get healthy life.

Health on budget

  1. Routinely go for morning and evening walk as to maintain an active lifestyle.
  2. When going for shopping go walking as it will help you to burn a lot of calories.
  3. Perform extensive exercises as experts says aggressive activities enhances your energy and stamina.
  4. Everyday go for jogging and running as it will help you to lose weight without investing a single penny.
  5. Eat fresh and healthy foods by growing vegetables in your garden it will keep you healthy and fit.
  6. Take enough sleep as it is good to get rid of stress which in turn can cause many health problems.
  7. Get rid of stress as it can disturb your mental health. You should take out sometime for yourself and forget everything else.
  8. Never go for fad diet as it will harm your health. So lose weight in a proper way.
  9. Make your meal on your own as it will help you to eat healthy foods.
  10. Eat enough of fish as it consist of good amount of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids which is good for health.
  11. Consume soup daily as it is a good way to lose extra fat from the body and be in a good shape.
  12. Eat beans and fibers to melt down extra body fat.
  13. Include yogurt in your daily meal to reduce weight as it consist of lipolysis which plays the major role in weight lose.
  14. Everyday drink milk and whey as whey protein is considered as an imperative supplements for bodybuilders.
  15. Consume low fat milk as it will help you to keep yourself away from storing much calories.
  16. Eat red hot chili pepper diet to lose weight in a faster way.
  17. Consume oats as they have low glycemic index and lots of fiber, which releases steady stream of energy in your body instead of a flash flood.
  18. Have a breakfast of cereals and dried fruits to maintain perfect body shape.
  19. Have cottage cheese as it consist of much protein and casein which is a slow digesting food so you don’t feel hungry all the time.
  20. Eat grapes as to get sharp weight loss.
  21. Have coffee as it will enhance energy in your body.
  22. Consume lentils as it consist of carbohydrate and protein which provides you good health.
  23. Daily eat bananas as it give you instant energy so you don’t feel lazy at all.
  24. Have dark chocolate.
  25. Consume lean meat as it is rich in iron which help you to get rid of sluggishness.
  26. Consume more nuts.
  27. Have less Alcohol.
  28. Don’t eat much bread
  29. Consume much water.
  30. Regular body check up
  31. Drink lots of fresh fruit juice.
  32. Regularly check your weight loss progress.
  33. Meals should be properly planned.
  34. Have control on fatty foods
  35. Only eat when you are really hungry.
  36. Avoid emotional eating.
  37. Follow meditation
  38. Consume whole grains
  39. Avoid unnecessary work
  40. Have positive thoughts
  41. Go for massage therapy
  42. Intake probiotic supplement.
  43. Consume much of foods having carotenoids.
  44. Avoid unnecessary munching.
  45. Avoid stress.
  46. Before meal routinely have healthy soups.
  47. Never ignore breakfast.
  48. Enjoy nature’s beauty
  49. Avoid anger
  50. Have small meals instead of 3 big meals.
  51. Try to eat much of baked food instead of fried.

Do you have some tips that will help us stay ft without breaking the bank? Let me know.


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